Review: ABS-CBN’s Mara Clara – What Philippine Primetime Needs (NOT)

UPDATE 1/11/11 – I basically retract every single thing I said in this review. Read Hindsight Review: ABS-CBN’s Mara Clara – What Philippine Primetime DOES NOT Need to find out why.

ABS-CBN’s Mara Clara is typical Filipino soap opera. It is also a remake of one of the most memorable and beloved Philippine soap operas ever. But the series’ main accomplishment this time around is that it finally presents a showcase for underused young talent.

The original Mara Clara aired for four and a half years in the 90s and it propelled young actresses Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes to superstar idol status. The drama, about two girls switched at birth, captured the country’s hearts and minds like no other series has since.

This 2010 remake, presumably set to air only a fraction of the original series’ run, has a more nuanced plotline but in turn sets the series up as too typical and clichéd.

The babies are still switched, but now the switch is motivated by revenge by a jealous ex. One girl living in the slums and the other girl living a privileged life, each in a world completely opposite of where they should be.

The series focuses on the two girls, Mara and Clara, now in high school. And that set up provides for some typical high school angst and romance. There are mean girls, there are best friends, and of course there is the thrill and cuteness of first love.

But none of these plot points are particularly new concepts. What Mara Clara does best is allowing ABS-CBN to finally utilize their young and talented actors and actresses. Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes, who play the title characters Mara and Clara respectively, are just two of a big group of young stars who are too old for the kiddie gag comedy show Goin’ Bullilit and too young for a full fledged romantic vehicle or soap opera.

While rival network GMA has been able to successfully capitalize on fresh, young talent, ABS-CBN has wasted their own large pool of teenage talents by relegating them to bit parts and the typical “young *insert character name*” premiere week set-ups for soap operas.

Mara Clara shows that not only is there an audience for series centered on teenagers (and real teens, not early 20s playing teens), the young talents are more than capable of carrying a show.

Just like Philippine networks should believe in young children being able to carry shows, so too should they believe in their teen talents. They could have easily developed a high school drama or soap opera to showcase them, but Mara Clara seems to be the closest we’ll get.

And that is Mara Clara’s biggest selling point. Both Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes are charming and refreshing, contributing a great energy to a show that would otherwise be just like any other series on TV today.

Hopefully Mara Clara can open the network’s eyes to more possibilities.

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  1. I absolutely love Mara Clara. My family and I here in the States watch this show every night. The show keeps us interested and the young actors and actresses are simply talented. My favorite would be Mara and Christian. Their roles are remarkable, although one Mara is poor and Christian is wealthy they both share similar characteristics.
    I enjoy seeing them both act. They will make a good love team partner in this show. Clara is sassy and classy… love her attitude! She plays her character very well! Thanks ABS-CBN!It looks like we have another “hot” show on air! Great job!

  2. LOVE MARA AND CHRISTIAN!!! I AGREE %100 WITH THE PREVIOUS COMMENT!!! THIS SHOW IS REMARKABLE! Clara plays her part very well… but I want to see how she acts when she finds out she is really poor!

  3. This teleserye started out good. But as this teleserye progressed, it started to deteriorate. This show is an insult to viewers’ intellect.

    Why do Filipino TV series writers cannot produce quality teleserye? They would always resort to the following:

    1. Make the bida look so dumb. For example, why didn’t Mara see the answer key inserted in the exam sheet? If you’re smart, you would flip over the exam sheets first before you proceed answering. Being poor doesn’t mean you should be dumb. Mara is portrayed here as a dumb weak person. Writers should know the difference between being kind hearted and being dumb.

    2. Making the contrabida look so smart. Clara can do all the things she want: A. she can easily convince a very intelligent client about Mara to make her the lead model (can the client verify first because he can deduce that Clara is interested in being the model), B. she can easily ask someone to steal the answer key (first of all, should it be the responsibility of that teacher to keep the answer key safe? the teacher should be liable to what had happened), etc. It seems that Clara is the only smart person in the teleserye that she can manipulate all the people around her.

    3. Slow progress of the story… focus on the contrabida on making life difficult to the bida. The writers just try to play with the emotions of the audience without really developing a good story. For example, Clara was the reason why Gary beat Mara, during the father daughter team building, Clara did not save Mara, etc. There is really no progress in the story considering that it already aired 50+ episodes.

    Why can’t Filipino writers produce quality teleserye? I am annoyed with this teleserye. This doesn’t give a good message to viewers. Clara can get away with all her evil doings, one after another. I guess this teleserye will end just like most of the Filipino teleserye, the writer will immediately show a lot of progress within the last two weeks of airing… Amanthe and Alvira will find out that Mara is their real daughter. Clara will repent and Mara will forgive her. In the end, Clara wins because she once again manipulates the people around her. If this continue to deterioate and doesn’t improve within the next few episodes, I will totally stop watching this lowgrade and intellect insulting teleserye.

    1. I absolutely agree RJ! Very well stated. Those are some obvious points that are always lost on Philippine soap operas.

      I hope you read my follow up post where I completely take back everything I said in this first, early review. So disappointing how much the show has deteriorated.

      1. Thanks a lot dryedmangoez!

        I read your follow up post. I agree with the points you have presented.

        This teleserye should not be watched especially by kids because there is no good lesson that can be derived from watching this intellect insulting teleserye.

        Bullying in school is a very sensitive issue. But this teleserye tolerates bullying. The message derived from this teleserye is that you can bully your classmate because you can get away with it especially if you are rich.

        Killing is also a normal part of this teleserye. What is most gruesome is that Gary killed his father. Isn’t it that the family is the basic unit. Why would someone write a teleserye destroying this basic unit?

        Adults beating kids. Mara almost died after Gary beat him. This show tolerates beating. Mara forgave his so called father after she almost died. Their message here is you can beat someone to close death because you can also get away with it.

        These are only some of the obvious evil messages you can derive from watching this intellect insulting teleserye. I suggest that parents should not allow their children to watch this insensitive and low quality teleserye because there is really no good lesson that their children can learn.

    2. Dude, you need to take things into consideration. I just love how you try to act like the smart guy by writing in English. I’m from the states, born from the states, so I would know what’s dumb or not. This show is intended to be for people who waste time doing nothing, not for low class people like you to see it’s faults. I don’t want to start drama, but you can’t disrespect the writer. His knowdledge on realism isn’t as great as yours. Why don’t you be the producer then? It’s his point of view, so he has a reason behind all of his decisions. I mean, I don’t like how Mara doesn’t fight back or doesn’t tell on Clara, but there is a reason. Just chill out and give it a chance. If you don’t like it, other people do. Don’t ruin people’s opinions with your negativity. Oh, they do portray family values. Is it not obvious enough? Clara is a spoiled little brat, but her father tries to show her the value of not having everything you want. She doesn’t listen to her fathers words, thus making her a brat. In the other hand, Mara values family a lot. She has a good education, which got her to that school. She would do anything for not only family, but friends. This show is designed to show you two different sides (Mara/Clara) and how they each survive not know who they are.

      1. Dude… all of those fleeting moments of light are drowned out by the writers/producers/network’s obsession with heavy, meaningless, over-the-top drama. Three months is plenty a chance.

        But hey, if you enjoy it, by all means keep watching. I don’t control anyone’s remote control but my own. Just like we’re all entitled to our opinions.

      2. Hey Brandon,

        Thank you for your opinion.

        I would suspect that you are in a way connected to the show the way you expressed your opinion.

        If you are indeed born here in the US, you should know what is freedom of speech.

        I am happy for you that you are enjoying the show. As you said this show is intended for people who waste time doing nothing. Keep watching.

        1. What do you use to translate? Google Translator? Well my opinions stand where they are. I think it’s pointless to point out all the flaws. You probably have flaws, but you don’t see me point them out. Next time, grow up. Bullying in school? When has she ever got bullied (physically) at school? Majority of kids get verbally bullied in high school. Get it? And killing… the father is in a gang, so of course he’s going to be killing. Nothing wrong with that, it’s part of the storyline. The father hurting Mara, it teaches the dangers of drinking. It’s not like the show is promoting it. It’s part of the storyline and it adds up to become another. Get your facts straight. Think logic and use common sense. What are, like 57?

      3. Hoy Brandon!
        Hindi ito amerika.
        Wag nyo idamay ang mga taong nagpapahalaga pa
        sa magandang-asal na naituro sa amin ng matatanda.
        At wag nyo lasunin ang isip ng mga kabataan namin.
        Dahil yon ang pinaka-mahalga sa pagiging Pilipino.

      4. hi brandon
        I’m surprised that you are from the States. I don’t know that such people like you can survive in such a country. Or is it because it is a united states that allows all kinds of intellect to live in? Whether or not this film aims at showing two different sides of humanity, it should respect human’s average intellect. What a normal can understand and do in many certain scenes of the film is obviously known by the writer. the characters in this films are all a long way under average intelligence.

    3. I totally agree with RJ. To add; I really wanted to know how Clara managed to request for DNA without parent’s consent. She is a minor; presumably only 15 years of age. Also, the story portrayed the many wrongdoings of Clara, some were discovered and some were successfully hidden (i.e., DNA test and the stair accident), why can’t see be punished at least to make it almost real story? Finally, during the last episode; why “Dimple” was still soooo sympathetic of Clara and repeatedly calls Clara her daughter even after finding Mara was her real daughter? Why Amante did not react to Gary’s treatment to Mara during the last episode to protect her daughter? This story is unbelievable. Unless I see some improvement, I think I would stop watching it. The writer is not doing a good job at relating the story to make it believable to at least comply with the legal rules and procedure of the country. I am extremely disappointed…..

  4. Yah, your right I agree what you said, mostly Filipino teleseries just giving a chance to the “Bida” only 1 week or 2 weeks to prove that she is really the real “Bida”, at least they can give a chance to prove the “Bida” that she/he is really the real one. It’s not good that most of the time the “contra bida” win and get whatever she wants. Like for example regarding that modeling I thought that “Mara” is the one who got the mean image model but not, I really feel upset.
    This kind of story they should give chance to “Mara” to be with her real family/parents and to give also the “contra bida” lesson to teach her that it’s not good what she’s doing before to realize her mistake. Especially this kind of story that it’s all about family and they don’t know that kid that they have is not they’re real daughter.
    This kind of teleseries is giving bad impact to our Philippine industry. For all the writers and producers at least they can change they’re way of creating stories that can relate in real life.

    1. Agreed.
      This is supposed to be a “family drama.”
      But it is far from it. The writers seem to be more interested in heavy, shallow drama than anything worthwhile or of substance.

    2. I completely agree with Gil. ABS-CBN promotes Mara Clara as a family series. But it is not a family series no matter which angle you look. I’m sure that the show has morals for our children’s generation.

      First of all it’s such an insult to the wealthy kids. I don’t think Clara’s behaviour would be tolerated-no matter how rich you are-in any school.

      Second of all there is nothing wrong in looking at the flaws of a drama series. Every audience have their opinion. There is no right or wrong. In fact it should help the writers, and the staff involve to make a upcoming shows better. Sadly, they really don’t take it into account.

      Lastly-definitely agreeable. They always develop the antagonist for weeks-even months. They leave the protagonist with a short story line of success, but never show karma in effect on te antagonist.

      People have their rights to their opinion. And people who are born and raised in the US should know that. In case that individual don’t know it. It is the freedom of speech which is protected by the First Admendment.

      Some people are hypocrites and apparently, the show is intended for audience who have nothing to do.

      It’s really good to know that there are a few of us who realize the low quality of Filipino drama series. I’m not insulting the Filipino writers because if we look in the past, we can see better drama series.

      Mula sa Puso
      Pangako Sayo
      Sa Dulo ng Walang Hangang
      Labs Ko si Babe

      Just to mention a few of them above.

  5. I also would like to see more success story of Mara teaching those wrongdoers lesson learned. For example, evil doers should be punished and the righteous people succeeded.

  6. I am in disbelief at how apparently, the Del Valles can take both Mara and Clara and Susan is left with nothing. No daughter at all. Huh? it is horrible to see that the Del Valles would want to force Mara into their home when she doesn’t want to be anywhere near there.

  7. in my opinion, it is justified even the characters are showing violence because it is really happening nowadays they are only showing how we must support the right one and this teleserye shows how we can stop it maybe in the end Clara will be good enough to accept that she’s the real David…For me it is great because the people who are responsible for this teleserye knows how to handle every outline scene here. And they will not let this teleserye show up if this is for the worst


  8. mara clara is a good show but its too slow and I think mara needs to start fighting back to make it a little bit more interesting. Everytime I watch the show seems that I already know how mara is going to react like always the poor little girl wont fight back cause she is the victim that forgives everybody that messes with her. Just put this way if you watch pacman fight in the ring and his opponent don’t fight back isn’t that so boring. I rest my case.

    1. by the way, isn’t this film insulting the Philippino police or are the police in teh Philippines really dumb?

  9. it’s time to fight back and the del valles to protect there own blood. time is running out and if it did not change that I will just stop watching this so called perfect girl that does not know how to fight back.

  10. Yah I agree with jay, it’s time for Mara to fight back…it doesn’t’ mean that she should fight all the time…She should fight, not all the time that she allow Clara to insult or fight to her. I also agree with Zenaida, how come Clara request a DNA test without her parents consent and also the Del Vale, especially Elvira she’s keep calling Clara her daughter in fact she knows already that her real daughter is Mara..Same like that she have more love to Clara that to her real blood…It’s ok we can say that she’s taking care Clara since birth and without knowing that Clara is not her real daughter. But it’s not good to see that she’s more attached to Clara than Mara and she believes Clara more than her real daughter. Yah you can say that you can’t avoid to still love Clara but it should be more love to Mara, to think that she knows Mara’s agony while she’s in the hand of Mr. Gary and she knows Mara already and also she can see the attitude of Clara. That attitude is not good and you’re not a fool that you always believe what your daughter said, since that your daughter growing with you, you know better more than her.
    I want that this next episode that Mara will fight back as long as she knows that she is right and to make Clara realize her mistake for sometimes and should Mr. Gary & Susan discipline Clara so that she will know where she stand and to realize her that she is really David and belong to that family. Not all the time that she’s telling to Mara that you will go back from where you belong that is “squatter”. She’s not ashamed to Mara telling that word that she knows already that she is the one belong to that place and this Mara also should fight back and to let her realize that she is not the same Mara that she knows.

  11. David Divco, Danica Domingo and Reggie Amigo -these are the worst writers who wrote the remake of Mara Clara. They don’t deserve my respect because they are not even consistent with what they are writing. After finding out the truth regarding the true identity of Mara and Clara, there is really nothing going on. Everything went back to square one. I hope the teleserye ended right after the truth came out. These are just some of the inconsistencies:

    1. Alvira in one episode said to Mara that she defends Clara as her mother even if she knows that Clara may not be on the right side. You would expect that Alvira knowing that Mara is her real daughter would do the same. Why didn’t Alvira defend Mara in the episode when Alvira saw Christian and Mara together? If the writers’ logic is that a mother defends her daughter on every incident even if the daughter may not be on the right side, then Alvira should have defended Mara. Instead of defending Mara, Alvira yelled at her and accused Mara of lying and flirting with Christian.

    2. The writers were pointing out that Alvira did not defend Mara because Alvira doesn’t want to be victim of lies again. If this is the logic of the writers then Alvira should have not believed Clara about Mara flirting with Christian. Alvira knows that she has been a victim of Clara’s lies. Yaya Bonel in one episode told Alvira that Clara lied about her fight with Mara when Mara sustained burn from a hot iron. Now that she knows Mara is her real daughter, she should have investigated more on this incident and the previous incidents involving Mara and Clara if indeed she doesn’t want to be victim of lies again.

    3. In one episode Alvira said that Clara sees Mara everyday in school and knows more about what Mara is doing. Alvira believed Clara that Mara is flirting with Christian even if Alvira also knows how Clara hates Mara and how Clara likes Christian. Just by connecting the dots, Alvira would know the real intention of Clara. A very well educated character cannot even analyze the situation.

    The original teleserye is a million miles way better than this one. After the truth came out, the writers are just showing exaggerated and unreal adjustments for all the people involved. Most of the episodes just revolve around the revenge of Clara to Mara and how Alvira is having a hard time adjusting as the real mother of Mara. Can a real mother show this much unreal adjustments to her real daughter knowing that she has to make up for 15 years lost time? This teleserye should have been titled Alvira Clara. The rest of the episode until the end will just be slapping face, yelling, beating, lying, etc. Can the viewers learn anything from this teleserye? NONE. Enough is enough. I have given this inconsistent teleserye a chance. I will definitely stop watching!

  12. Yah Your right RJ…I definitely agree of what you said regarding what Elvira defending on Clara…As she is the adults she should check first who’s telling the truth before giving the answer that Mara is lying to her…As she knows already what kind of attitude Clara have and if Elvira want to discipline Clara not like this way that she let Clara saw that she’s believing Clara than Mara..In this way Clara will become more evil and bad influence of all the ten agers, so if I we’re you guys don’t let your children watch this kind of teledrama. I’m watching this one coz I thought that there is a change after they knows who’s they’re real daughter but it become worse & worse.
    I thought by the next episode it will come to the line, but I’m wrong so I decided to stop watching it.
    And this Gary also his showing how she love Clara as her daughter…But what he did is wrong, giving what Clara wants and defending in front of her. By this way she becomes worse.

    1. Most of my friends already stopped watching Mara Clara.. they said it’s getting boring, very predictable, and the main chars are getting dumber and dumber in each episodes. Not worth my viewing time anymore, I hope they end the series soon. TY

  13. napaka ganda talaga ng Mara Clara gabi-gabi naming inaabangan.
    kaso lang po baka hindi na namin masubaybayan na kasi masisingit
    na ang minsan lang kita iibigin,kaya po ang mga istudiante at ang mga
    pumapasok ng maaga sa trabaho ay hindi na makaka nood kasi mapupuyat na
    kami kaya po sana wag nyo na iusog pa ung scedule ng mara clara…………….
    THANK YOU……………….

  14. Maganda bang ending ang pagkamatay ni Mara sa istorya?
    Bigyan naman po natin ng magandang pananaw ang mga nanononood,
    lalo na sa maraming tao na mas mababaw ang pang-unawa
    at kulang ang naging edukasyon sa kahirapan ng buhay.

  15. It’s not nice if that is the ending, that Mara died it means that the “Bida” is only Clara. That title it should be Clara not Mara Clara if that is they’re ending. We can really say that our soap opera is become worse nowadays. For the writers you should fine a ways that the ending of the story is become a lesson for everybody, for the young generations and most especially the parents.

  16. what?matatapos na ang MARA CLARA?na ang KASAMAAN ang naghahari..?sabi ng mga bata pwede ba yon walang kaparusahan sa mga masamang ginagawa ni gary…is that what they impart to the viewers? gagawa ng gagawa ng masama walang kaparusahan?hala mga bata tulog na kayo,walang maisagot c lola sa mga tanong nyo…shift channel na lang…to aya:yes,baka mabuhay pa c mara…hahaha…

  17. Guys! Of course the writers will resort to some dumb, unbelievable twists of events for the ending. They always do.

    Bet you Mara will be back stating that her “death was greatly exagerated”. And don’t worry, Gary and cohorts will of course pay for their evil deeds, mabibisto rin sila… and the Del Valle family will recover their money.

    Clara will have a change of heart, will be forgiven and will be Mara’s best friend thereafter. And they will live happily ever after, as always.

    1. Reynaldo

      That’s the sad part, after all the heartaches and stupidities and crimes done to Mara, a simple “I’m sorry ” will do? Geezz

      ABS- CBN imho is an accomplice in the perpetuation of crime given their approval of a story that is so full of criminal acts.

      Parents should not support this tele serye because of its obnoxious and toxic plot.
      Toxic to young minds anyway.

    2. doing evil in the Philippines is as easy as eating a cake. no matter how much wrong you have done, you will always be forgiven. it is nice living in this country. seems the writer (and many others) loves devils

  18. I don’t like the ending……..Mara should be alive till the end of the story because she’s the main character….I hate it when bad guys win…

  19. Seriously guys? you were fighting over this sh*t? GET A REALITY CHECK. THIS IS ONLY A SHOW SO WHY ARE YOU WASTING YOUR TIME FIGHTING OVER IT! It doesn’t matter where you’re from. Whether you live in the States or the Phils or HECK even freaking ANTARTICA! Stop trying to put people down on the internet. This is not the way to go. Especially since you would never think about doing it in person. This is how the producers wanted to present the show to the viewers. You dont need to go around pointing out all of the so-called “flaws” of this show. No show is ever perfect. It’s like saying people are perfect. IMPOSSIBLE! STOP BEING EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO THE CHARACTERS! This is a fictional story that was made for entertainment purposes only. If you dont like the show, why are you watching it? YOU are the one who has the problem. GET OVER IT. Shows, music, movies, people…not everyone is supposed to enjoys the same things. We are all different and unique. We have different preferences. So if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. Plain and simple.

    1. Just like everyone has the right to watch or not to watch, people have the right to discuss the merits of a show as well. You can’t stop people from expressing their opinions.

    2. Thus comment is to help producer and director to think out of the box not just simply creating script and scene…that is why their are lots of people who like foreign movies (korean) they show the reality of life not fictitious…

    3. I wonder how you could entertain this film at all since it insulted average human’s intellect, unless you are so dumb that you dd not realize how dumb and inconsistent this film is

  20. I told you guys, Mara’s back ala Kristine (using amnesia as a device to extend the story)!

    It’s Nenita that died in the explosion/fire. Nenita saved Mara because her conscience would not allow her to kill a child. It was Nenita’s ghost that Gary saw at Mara’s wake. Let’s see… Nenita’s ghost would be the cause of Gary’s eventual downfall, maybe?

    Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

      1. My wife watches it for the drama… I might as well get some fun out of it.

        I enjoy second guessing what the writers are going to come up next.

        Actually, the whole fun of watching the show, for me, is trying to predict what’s going to happen next, day after day after day.

        I avoid doing any “predictions” though, in front of my wife. She gets upset if I spoil the show for her when I’m right.

        1. hey, I did do some predicting and I was always wrong because the reaaction of the characters contradicted normal behavior and intelligence.

  21. Watch late night shows if you feel you are intellegent ( feeling intellegent but dumb )… But don’t give bad review on a show that you don’t event watch…..

  22. his is the reason why are country is still a third world country because of too much tele-novela and i hate to say this that mara clara has the worst plot of a story, if abs-cbn want to be on top of the prime time, pls .pls.pls. removed mara clara on air.
    how about a hate campaign for mara clara especially the directors and script writers!!!!!

  23. Directors and scripts writers of Mara Clara are running out of ideas. Stop trying to keep the series on air that you know is beyond your creative capability. The content of episodes you produce day by day piles of dung. EVERY episode, at least, should have some resolution. I’d take quality over quantity any day. So please get your heads together, otherwise give up and tell the story the way it’s meant to be. I hope you don’t plan on resolving every conflict you made up in one final episode.

    1. Delhapary

      I do agree with your post. The teleserye piled up all the evil thoughts and acts in most of the episodes without any resolutions and it stinks. Each episode leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.
      Every inhuman treatment to Mara by both Clara and Gary were left unresolved so they go on with their predatory tendencies b/c Mara is portrayed as the naive, nice and unassuming person who is not allowed to think critically and even defend herself from these predators.

  24. This story is an insult to a person’s intelligence.
    Gary was never punished from mauling Mara. The police were never involved . Where was Bantay Bata?
    Clara, a spoiled brat, always got away with bullying Mara. Remember when she locked Mara and Christian inside the the storeroom plus stealing their project? Where were the teachers and the Principal?
    Alvira was always blind to Clara’s bratty attitude and ignoring the facts?
    The police, how unprofessional can they be by forcing Amanthe to confess that he killed Cristina
    without the benefit of extensive investigation? It reinforces the fact that the Philippines is still a third world country.

    Yes, Mara seems to continue to show the Filipino family values but she seems so dumb and acts subservient to psychological manipulations of being nice even when it is so unreasonable .

    My prediction is,[and this is just like Sabel story] where the villain will just say I’m sorry, gets forgiven in a New York minute and everyone is happy. Yikes!

    The author and directors I think are not realistic in their story. If they were trying to portray good values, the values are lost and for young people, gets very confusing.

    Clara’s and Gary’s criminal minds dominate whatever is good there is in the story.

  25. My Stars!!!!!
    How long will this teleserye allow evil thoughts and acts by Clara and Gary go on?

    I suggest that the title be changed to CARA GARY.

    Mara is relegated to a place where she cannot even shine. She is tago ng tago and Clara is doing the same psychological blackmail and lies and winning it. Obviously Clara has not progressed at all, or did not learn
    anything spiritually, psychologically and socially from previous episodes. This is a very scary picture for young minds to watch. I hope the parents will do a lot of explaining to their kids should they be allowed to watch.

    Allow me to digress, yesterday, Gary changed Alvira’s house keys without her permission with no objection from Alvira. Is her character that stupid now? I guess yes, look at how Clara behaves. And today Gary enters alvira’s house as if he owns the place. Guys and Gals, aren’t you scared yet?

    This teleserye is dumbing down the people’s mind. Is ABS-CBN just after money not quality?

    Thanks for allowing me to share my opinion. This story is not pretty.

      1. Hello dryedmangoez

        Thanks for your post.

        It seems that ABS-CBN do not care about values in this serye. Crummy.

        1. The worse thing is the network actually thinks they ARE promoting values in this series while the diehard fans have the “it’s only a soap opera!” excuse.

          That’s definitely no excuse.

  26. Nothing new. The plot is as depressing and angryfying.

    The villain, Clara, keeps on winning. Boy!!!! she gets all the scores. She is assertive and very darkly knowledgeable in psychological blackmail.

    Mara is “susukot- sukot” and could barely defend her position. The writers and director continue to give her ” no brains”. Imagine her mistreating Christian and shoving him off? Now, she is stupid, too, besides being dumb.
    I can’t believe that the Filipino viewers do really give this serye a high rating.

    I wonder when will Mara the Leading Lady, gets her place in the sun.

    I keep asking myself, what is the moral in the story?Every episode is so demoralizing.

    What a shame.

    Thank you dryedmangoes for allowing me to comment.

    1. Oh is Mara supposed to be the leading lady? Because it seems Kiray’s character gets more screentime, lines, and depth than Mara ever did.

      It is nice though to see around the internet that there are fans of the show or at least people who watch the show that are not blinded to the fact that is has many flaws and wish the show was better. They don’t ignore those flaws and point them out, as opposed to others who completely accept everything the show throws out there because they “fans” of the network, the show, etc.

  27. I see Derrick’s response to Clara much better than the Mara character. Mara is so dumbed down in almost all the episodes that realistically , it would be hard to change overnight unless one goes thru extensive assertiveness training. I am glad that Christian has a stronger character that somehow partially redeems the story.
    Yeah, Clara gets the better deal.
    Clara and Gary’s evil deeds remain unaddressed, so in many ways
    glorified by the story tellers. It is very tiresome to view the edification of evil.
    In total, the serye is still morally bancrupt.

  28. Ahhh…. I still think that this teleserye should be re titled Clara and Gary.
    Sadly the focus remains Clara’s and Gary’s portrayals of evil in thoughts and deeds, to this date, no repercussions.
    What a dark story. It could have been the other way around.
    The filipino audience support this?
    Where is the fine and intelligent Filipino mind?

  29. “MARA CLARA”… i would suggest you end the tv series soon. no offense to the writer but its really unrealistic, in other words “OE”… Over na! Exaggerated pa! character in the story is so dumb and stupid. the story is full of pain, evil, taking advantage of others, etc. actually, its just normal to have a villain in the story, even in real life there is, but not that much and not too long. your making it sounds like the main characters in the story is dumb and dumber. with everything that gary and clara did they still got away with it? and one last thing, the story is being predictable and none sense, same old story every night, the good guys get bullied and hurt.. then the evil wins. by the way people are sometimes gullible, but not that much.. once, twice but not all the time. even uneducated person is not that gullible. not to mention elvira’s character, for heavens sake, that is so pathetic… please do your self a big favor if you want people to still watch night time drama in your channel end it now.

  30. Oh my gosh, the writers and directors are still at it. I am not sure if you guys are still using your gray matter. I suspect a narcissistic mind could produce this episodes from Clara and Gary. Five
    months of evil and the Filipino audience continue to be behind this stupid story?
    This is not decent anymore. STOP.
    This teleserye could have been a great teaching tool for the young minds. It is a sad betrayal of the Filipino ethos.
    Too many holes in the story. Alvira’s is as stupid as stupid goes. Would anyone really allow a
    criminal suspect free access to one’s residence? Really now? Give me a break!

  31. My gosh..I watch the episode of Mara Clara aired April 27, sad to say after they know that mara is alive, I stop watching the rest of the episode. I agree with Michelle and Edward. Until now no improvement all drama series such as this…last year 2010 it’s a big talk among our friends that we cant wait to see the ending when Mara&Clara true parents are…and now just watching the episode (April 27) to find out what happen…it’s getting worst….worst and worst and soooooooooooo boring…I now hate watching the future episode…..Gosh please have some dignity end it…pls local TV station if you create TV series such as this learn from foreign one…they never get out of style….ano ito katulad ng old SERIES will last up to 4 – 5 years…they havent learn…SIGH…

  32. Ika 130th episode na ngayong araw na ito (April 27). Ano ba natutunan ng ating mga kabataan sa nakalipas na episodes?

    1. Kung papaano maging masama.
    2. Kung papaano manira ng kapwa tao.
    3. Kung papaano sumunog ng bahay.
    4. Kung papaano pumatay ng tao.
    5. Kung papaano mang bully sa school.
    6. Kung papaano mangbugbog ng mga bata.
    7. Kung papaano manampal ng tao.
    8. Kung papaano sumagot sa matanda.
    9. Kung papaano makatakas sa lahat ng kasamaan.
    10. Kung papaano mang-intriga ng ibang tao.
    11. Kung papaano maging inggitera.
    12. Kung papaano magplano ng krimen.
    13. Kung papaano magpakatanga.
    14. Kung papaano maghangad ng masama sa kapwa.
    15. Kung papaano maging makasarili.
    16. Kung papaano maglihim sa asawa
    17. Kung papaano ipadama sa asawa na pinapaboran ang ibang tao kahit alam na ito ay mali
    18. Kung papaano manggamit ng tao
    19. Kung papaano maging makapal ang mukha
    20. Kung papaano isiping pumatay ng tao para hindi masira ang iyong mga plano
    21. Kung papaano matakot sa mga blackmail
    22. Kung papaano mang-blackmail
    23. Kung papaano sumagot sa magulang
    24. Kung papaano manlait ng kapwa tao
    25. Kung papaano magkunwari
    26. Kung papaano bastusin ang ibang tao
    27. Kung papaano lumandi
    28. Kung papaano gumawa ng eksena sa ikapapahamak ng ibang tao
    29. Kung papaano maghangad na sulutin ng asawa ng iba
    30. etc.

    Ang dami dami talagang natutunan ng kabataan natin dito sa ipinagmamalaki ng ABS CBN na ina ng teleserye. Nasikmura pa nga nilang inominate sa BANFF award.

    Akmang akma ito sa mission ng ABS CBN – We bring out the best in the Filipino, and reflect true Filipino sentiment (FULL OF SARCASM).

  33. Hi Dryed Mangoez and concerned citizens,

    What can or should we do to stop this teleserye “nightmare”? just a curious thought.

    1. Well, stop watching for one. lol

      But even if you do watch, don’t accept what they throw at you and instead let your opinions be heard. There are plenty of people who watch the show, but are not blinded by “network loyalty” and readily point out the show’s flaws.

      The problem with a Filipino audience sometimes is they just readily accept inferior entertainment when that shouldn’t be the case.

  34. I hate maraclara si alvira maganda yata pero bobo…si gary naman ay demonyo…naiinis nga ako ehh.. dahil bakit sinagot ni alvira si gary…tama si mamang na hindi tao si gary kundi demonyo.. naiinis nga ako i hope you do the best for the people to watch and will like it

  35. habang tumatagal ang pangit na ng story ng mara clara ang bagal ng story nia..parang walang katapusan dami dumadagdag..:|

  36. Let’s all admit it, majority of the viewers of this teleserye do not care if it has lesson or something as long as they are entertained watching it. I liked Mara Clara before, but i agree with y’ll that it’s not realistic anymore, it seems like the writers are just trying to lengthen the story because of its high ratings; high ratings means more sponsor thus more money.

    1. Okay sana kahit walang “moral lessons” but the show is not all entertaining. It is horribly written, horribly produced… and the annoying immoral characters are just dirty icing on top of the horrible cake.


      1. yeah for you..but for some it is. It’s not like they will do a reaction paper when they watch teleseryes. All this viewers know is to watch without realizing the bad effects of tv shows, all they care about is if it is entertaining or not and that is the sad part. Networks like ABS should be responsible in promoting good values to its viewers but it seems like they do not care about that. Nood na lang tayo ng Mutya! lol

  37. Forgot to add in my previous msg ako nlng pala nagkaroon ng curiosity n manood uli ng kahit 1 episode of book 2 my friends and colleague totally stop watching it. The best thing we need is too really stop watching it. Para m realize naman nila n audience get sick and tired watching there episodes kc walang maganda kinahantungan mga episodes nila. I don’t mind anymore the ending since it’s all become fictitious not really showing the real life scenario. The best tele series I watch that s really base in true to life and with a real value is the one titled Tanikala of GMA 7 love this…

  38. I googled BANFF, I’ll see what I can do about reporting this teleserye. I hope there will be some of us standing up against Mara Clara being nominated in the BANFF.
    I feel bad about the Mara character b/c all she’s getting is a bad rap from the directors and

    1. Sana nga maiparating natin sa bumubuo ng BANFF ang saloobin ng manonood. Ang resulta ay lalabas ngayong Hunyo. Meron pang oras. Dalawang episode at around C$ 250-300 ang kailangan para manominate. Meron nang 130+ episodes ang Mara Clara… Pwede nilang ipinadala ang dalawang pinakamagandang episode na maaaring pagbasehan lang ng desisyon.

      1. Eva Luna won the BANFF for soap opera. Mabuti at hindi nanalo itong demonyoserye. Ang kapal naman kasi talaga ng ABS CBN para i-nominate itong basurang teleserye. Noong na-nominate and Mara Clara sobra ang publicity ng ABS CBN na world class daw ang Mara Clara… Duh… pera lang naman ang kailangan para ma-nominate. Nasaan na ang publicity ng ABS CBN tungkol sa BANFF?

  39. Everyone that gave their opinions here are correct. It’s obvious that the main reason that Mara Clara series is about money aka sponsors dollar, yen, dinar. Don’t kid yourself. Do you really think ABS that produced these series are fools? They don’t care about other’s comments. What they care is the bottom line-$$$$$$$$$money$$$$$$$$. Just take notice at their revenues yearly for advertisements=sponsors. It’s just under a billion pesos. Whether some scenes are unrealistic or not or Kath B’s talent is such a “waste” does not matter as long as money keeps coming to ABS. The Lopez family are laughing all the way to the bank.

  40. Well, we the viewers can and should boycott the sponsors and to let the sponsors know what we think.
    Ok, money talks, however we can also talk. Even if we don’t prevail we can let the powers that be that we are not drinking their “koolaid”.

  41. Di ba dapat drama ito pero naging comedy show na ngayon:

    Joke 1: Saan ka makakakita na ang isang nasusunog na arko na pangsantacruzan ay pagkakaguluhan ng mga tao na parang buong baryo ang nasusunog?

    Joke 2: Saan ka makakakita na tatanga ang isang tao sa harap ng nasusunog na arko habang pinapanood ang sunog at saka sisigaw ng tulong?

    Joke 3: Saan ka makakakita ng stampede dahil lang sa isang nasusunog na arko?

    Joke 4: Saan ka makakakita ng taong maoospital dahil sa isang arkong nasusunog?

    Lahat ng ito ay makikita at mapapanood sa ina ng katangahan at kademonyohang teleserye.

    1. Don’t forget seeing that girl’s panties when she falls over!

      That was really a stupid scene. Though not surprising because this is Mara Clara.

  42. I don’t know about the viewers but this teleserye is THE MOTHER OF THE ABSURD.
    T he Filipino mind is so messed up in this teleserye. I read somewhere that this is pretty close to the original Judy Santos/ Gladys Reyes teleserye, hence it is still bad for the psyche, that a killer/and perpetrators [Clara/ Gary] are still free to exercise their criminal minds in over 100 episodes. THE PRODUCERS SEEM TO GLORIFY CRIME AND BASK IN IT. Poor Filipino mind,
    captive audience of a money hungry group. THERE IS NO DIGNITY IN THIS TELESERYE.

    1. Walang pakundangan ang mga writers sa pagpapakita nila ng kasamaan sa halos 130+ episodes na ipinalabas. Hindi na kailangang gumamit ng utak kapag nanonoood nito dahil predictable ang mga mangyayari – basta kasamaan laging nakakalusot. Dalawa lang naman ang klase ng characters dito – demonyo at tanga. Nakakasuka na itong teleseryeng ito. Paikot ikot lang ang istorya sa kademonyohan at katangahan. Ano pa bang hinihintay ng mga writers at ayaw pang tapusin ang demonyoseryeng ito? Hindi pa ba sila kuntento sa lahat ng kasamaang ipinalabas nila? Kulang pa ba ang kasamaan na ipinakita nila?

  43. Bakit kaya parang alam ni Gary lahat ng ikikilos ng lahat ng karakter sa teleseryeng ito? Hindi kaya siya ang tunay na direktor?hahahaha oh this show is making its viewers f*cking stupid!!! Puro kasamaan ang nagwawagi ayun nabaril pa si amante nakuha pa ung cp n my evidence,edi back to zero na naman gagawa nanaman sila ng paraan para makakuha ng evidence against Gary,tapos mauunahan nanaman sila ni Gary tapos back to zero ulit tapos gagawa nanaman sila ng paraan para makakuha ng evidence against Gary, tapos mauunahan nanaman sila ni Gary tapos Back to zero ulit..ay parang paulit ulit na yata ako hahahaha

  44. I do not like this teleserye, full of violence, hate, deceit, anger, envy, and bad characters like gary and clara both were able to get away with it. Televiewers should not patronize these characters in real lives. Characters of Mara and Susan involves too much sacrifice, never ending sacrifice which never happen in real life, as for ordinary people, there is so much we could take, forgiveness we could extend, not endless sacrifice or tolerance especially towards a person who do bad things habitually. There are so many episodes shown already that involves too much violence, hate, envy and anger, hope televiewers will not absorb themselves into this really bad character, not to emulate, better not to watch. Hope this teleserye will end soon.

  45. Can you please end this maraclara show kse paulit ulit n lang ang kwento.all the cast looks so dumb and stupid already and even the way sino ba scriptwriter nito kse nakakasawa ng kwento.halos mga ksabay n teleserye tapos n pero this stupid show mukhang pinapahaba.

    1. Ito ang mga walang kwentang writers ng Mara Clara. Buti pa ang dulong may utak (hahahaha). Ang mga writers na ito ay utak biya at makakapal ang mukha.

      1. David Diuco
      2. Danica Domingo
      3. Reggie Amigo
      4. Allan Cuadra
      5. Angel Cajanding

      Ang script lang naman nila ay kung hindi puro kasamaan eh puro katangahan.

      Ito ang mga writers na sumulat ng “WORST TELESERYE OF ALL TIME”.

      1. One would think that these writers and directors are sick in the head.They have this psychological need for violence, hatred and criminal behavior from Gary to Clara. My gosh, no consequences esp. to Clara.
        They also have a propensity for katangahan. No common sense at all. Alvira is clueless about Clara’s criminal leanings, that includes every-
        one except Gary.
        On top of that the producers don’t care because of money and more money. Never mind values, and forget justice.
        What have we learned? a VIOLENT AND SENSELESS TELESERYE
        WITH NO END TO EVIL FROM Gary and Clara.
        It should be re named, MALAS SI MARA.

  46. Grabeeeee two weeks p pala ang show n ito bago mag it means two weeks p din na puro kasamaan ang ipapalabas totoo lang walang magandang aral n pinakita ang show n we heard may movie pa..parang awa naman n ng abs cbn at mga director nito tama ng ang pagawa ng mga walang aral n kwento..

  47. At first i really enjoyed watching it and boy they really caught my attention for the good start of the story, but now that it is totally different from the original version, wag na lang kasi nakainis na ang takbo ng script!

  48. Hi,

    Me and my Family love this show, but there is only some scene where really the “DIRECTOR” doesn’t do a lot more effort to make the show more believable like in real life (NOT LIKE GARY’S ESCPAE FROM PRISON…OMG!!! A BUNCH OF STUPID POLICE OFFICERS, LOL..) The ‘Mara Clara is just now a HIT because of the STORY PLOT from the previous MARA CLARA.

  49. Anu ano ba ang mabibigat na krimen ng bidang si Gary:

    1. Pinatay niya ang tatay niya.
    2. Pinatay niya si Cristina Borres.
    3. Pinatay niya si Loverboy.
    4. Binugbog niya si Mara.
    5. Kinidnap niya si Mara at muntik muntikan ng mamatay si Mara dahil sa bomba.
    6. Drug trafficking
    7. Pinabugbog si Christian
    8. Attempted murder kay Mayor.
    9. Binugbog niya si Desiree
    10. Attempted murder kay Yaya Vonnel
    11. Pinatay niya ang isa sa mga kasamahan niya sa kulungan

    Ano pa ba?

    Lahat ba ito ay walang katumbas na kaparusahan? Ano ba ang gustong iparating ng mga tangang writers? Okay lang gumawa ng krimen kasi makakalusot ka naman? Hindi sapat na papatayin lang si Gary sa huli…. kailangang may katumbas na kaparusahan ang lahat ng kasamaang ginawa ni Gary. Hindi dahil sa papatayin nila sa Gary sa huli ay justified lahat ng kasamaan niya… Sana naman sa mga susunod na teleserye ay pag-isipang mabuti ang plot… hindi basta basta na lang na parang ang gumawa ay walang pinag-aralan.

  50. Whoever wrote, produce and directed this show “Mara Clara”. This show is a piece of SHIT so GAY and annoying. It’s like a broken record keep repeating the scene and dialog. For GOD sake just end the show and get life. As usual Filipino style show at the end of the day the contrabida is the loser. This is a creation of no brain people the story is so fking predictable.

  51. Here are some more criminal acts from gary and clara;
    assault and battery, towards Mara and Alvira
    false imprisonment,towards Mara and Alvira
    kidnapping, and kidnapping for ransom
    robbery/of Cristina’s money and the del Valle’s millions
    aiding and abeting the criminal acts of gary by clara
    escaping from prison
    assaulting a police officer
    illegal use of firearms esp. on a police officer

    The police bumbling and fumbling are laughable. The police force looks like they are run by imbeciles who cannot catch gary. What happened to their intelligence division? Nada.
    Are we potraying the Philippines police force as a group who cannot defend the citizens?
    Gary has been having a field day terrorizing the del Valle’s and nobody in the Justice dept can assist them? My stars!!!! and the Filipino audience ,writers, directors, producers are OK
    with this? esp the Filipino people? What a crock. Where are your values folks.
    The Filipino mind is being fed GARBAGE.

  52. so disappointing……even in the last two weeks of the series, evil is still winning….grrrrrrr….life is not really like that……

  53. I guess this demonyoserye is intended for people who have low intelligence – same level of intelligence with the writers and director. Based on the demonyoserye you can conclude that the writers and director have very low intelligence.

    First thing, the title is Mara Clara but the main character here is Gary. The story revolves around Gary’s obsessive love to Alvira. Mara and Clara are just supporting characters. The writers and director are confused about the main and supporting characters.

    Secondly, the writers did not develop the story. The story is only about switching the babies and people finding out the truth later. About 99% of the time, the story is either doing evil things or being dumb. You actually don’t get anything out of the story. The writers are so obsessed about showing evil winning over good most of the time.

    Thirdly, the demonyoserye as a whole is incoherent. One episode contradicts with one or more episodes. There are also useless characters that the dumb writers introduced in the demonyoserye. The demonyoserye can exist without Cristina Borres, Mayor, Carlota, etc. The writers do not have the sense of coherence and consistency.

    Fourthly, the writers did not do research on the information they present in the demonyoserye. Can a minor really get a DNA test without the parent’s consent? Is 6 months to 1 year the right sentence for Gary’s case? Can Gary recover so fast if he obtained a gunshot on his chest (remember that Amante obtained gunshot on his shoulder but he was hospitalized for several days)? The writers have very limited knowledge about reality. This makes their demonyoserye looking so stupid.

    The writers and director did a poor job in this demonyoserye. The only people liking this show are the people with the same level of intelligence as the writers and director. If I am going to rate the intelligence of the writers I will give them 0.50 out of 10.

  54. after growing up with alvira and amanthe, how can clara show no remorse in spending that ransom money?

  55. MC is very entertaining…best comedy and ABS-CBN is having the last laugh … Laughing all the way to the bank!!! Just goes to show that crap sells!!! Why not?

  56. This mara c;lara story belongs to the toilet bowl and needs to be flushed.

    It is an unreality show of pure evil with no restrictions, produced by evil centered writers,

    directors and producers who will sustain a garbage of a story to earn money and approval

    by people who are supposed to be smart and intelligent.

  57. Dapat di mara clara title nito kundi “gary”….cguro ganyan din ang buhay nung writer ng mara clara..atsaka masyado pinakita sa story n to kung gaano ka stupid ang mga pulis ng pilipinas..

  58. Sabi ni TedF sa TV Patrol tonight “ginising ng Mara Clara ang Katawanglupa ng mga pilipino…” Nakupow akala ko’y komedya ito! Indi pala, horror story pala ito!!! I’m lookin forward to the last episode tonight just to see if and when the villain gets zapped, will be granted 100 DAYS To join Ana Managlagtas to mend his ways To get to heaven!!peace to all!!

  59. ang TANGA ng ending, sinaksak ng pamalo si Gary tapos namatay na? sinubaybayan ko pa naman kasi ang ganda ng umpisa, buti nalang tapos na

  60. Dito lang umikot ang storya ng Mara-Clara:

    -ang kahayupan at kasamaan ni Gary
    -ang katangahan ni Alvira
    -ang kapulpolan ni Amante
    -ang kamalditahan ni Clara
    -ang kamartiran ni Mara
    -ang ka ek-ekan ni Susan
    -ang kabaklaan ni Derick
    -ang kaulagaan ni Aling Lupe
    -at ang kabulukan ng mga Pulis

  61. MTRCB!
    what are u doing?!
    the show is so brutal!
    wake is more than a nude show
    why let it air?!
    such a garbage teleserye!

  62. Masyado naman kayong affected.. wag nyo masyadong damdamin kung ganun man ang story at ending… maganda naman. teleserye lang yan mga dude.

    1. Right, but what have we learned? That Gary with the aid of Clara had a murder spree and crimes A to Z and got away with all of it by the writers killing him with a metal. HUH???

      Anyway, still garbage to the end. I think the writer,directors had fun with their criminal fantasies perpetrated on us, the audience. That’s it for me about Philippine teleseryes.


  63. Pls i luv d way everything ended in mara clara although clara should hv suffered a little more bt i lv mara n christian i hope 2 c dem in anoda movie 2geda n i hope dy will start datin i lv u alvira(tricxie) and u 2 amanthe(bobby andrew)cos u re a very discipline man.luv u all especially mara n christian.

  64. I luv mara n xtian so much.clara would hv suffered more n i lv alvira n amanthe so n even gary,he acted very well n even clara at a very young age she tried. Hope 2 c u in anoda movie mara n xtain n even in future hope u guys will end up u all.

  65. Mara Clara is a very wonderful story, the main casts; Mara, Clara, Christian and Eris acted very well, even Amante was so brave, Alvira was though at first kind of acted stupid, but used her brain very well in tracking down Gary, Susan is a very good woman, even Gin-Gin and Butch, they are indeed good friends, I love Christian and Mara so much that i wish they could be lovers in reality.

  66. Truly the story is for entertainment purposes and should not be taken seriously at all. I began to force myself to be amused by Clara’s antics, Mara’s stupidity, Susan’s naivety and a host of other faulty plots because that’s just the easiest way to absorb the shock and annoyance that keeps propping up in the course of the story

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