For Your Emmy Consideration: The Biggest Loser and Allison Sweeney

The categories of Reality/Competition Program and Reality Host haven’t changed much since they were first introduced at the Emmys. But while The Amazing Race probably won’t step down any time soon, some of the nominees the category have been included now out of habit and not because they represent the best of the genre.

One of the shows that deserve another look is the all-star of NBC’s primetime line-up, The Biggest Loser.

The reality weight-loss competition has been a huge winner for NBC and deservedly so as a series that not just takes the best of reality-competition programs, but helps better people’s lives in the process.

The Biggest Loser sees overweight contestants lose weight for a cash prize. But even more, the series helps the contestants change their lives for the better as well as encourage viewers at home to maybe take a look at their own health habits.

The series is inspirational but also fun to watch. There’s all the elements one would look for in a reality-competition show, and all the things one would look for in a feel-good TV series.

When it comes to reality-competition programs up for Emmys, I’d throw my support to a show like The Biggest Loser over singing and dancing any day.

Though the Reality Show Host category at the Emmys is just two years old going on three, it’s been pretty identical to the Reality-Competition Program category, for better or worse.

And like Reality-Competition Program, Reality Show Host could welcome some new faces.

One face to consider is Allison Sweeney, host of NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

Just as The Biggest Loser deserves a look for the big award, so does Sweeney who serves as the perfect host for the series. She herself who has been open about her own weight in the past can easily relate and understand the contestants she sees everyday as well as help encourage them.

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One thought on “For Your Emmy Consideration: The Biggest Loser and Allison Sweeney

  1. I hope Ali and The Biggest Loser gets an Emmy nom because this show is an inspiration to a lot of people.

    Go Ali / TBL

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