Friday Night Lights 4.06 – Saying Goodbye is “Alright”

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Lyla visits Tim. She asks him about throwing away his scholarship. He responds by kissing her and taking her into the trailer. When they’re done, they act like a old married couple until Becky interrupts their fun.

Later, Tim, Lyla, Billy and Mindy are at the bar. Lyla gets the urge to ride the bull. The next day, Lyla goes over to visit Tim but he isn’t in and instead talks to Becky. They talk about Tim and college as Lyla misses Dillon. “You’re so lucky, so pretty,” Becky tells Lyla as she leaves.

Lyla and Tim spend more time together and he thanks her for coming back. Tim proposes Lyla help him manage Riggins Rigs. But it’s not the life she wants and the life she wants Tim to have. All Tim wants is her he says. Next morning, Tim brings Lyla to the bus station and they say goodbye.

Tim heads home, sits on the porch with Becky and opens a beer. “Do you have a broken heart? Was she the love of your life?” Becky asks. “Maybe there’s more than one soulmate for everybody, you know? ‘Cuz like, say I’m born in Texas, and my soulmate is born all the way in Sri Lanka, that seems randomly unfair. It only makes sense that there’d be more than one.”

“You know ‘cuz you have your first and it’s new and you fell things that you never thought you’d feel and they break your heart and you cry over it and you’re sad over it and then you meet someone else and for that time, they’re your new soulmate because they made you feel things the other one couldn’t. And then they break your heart.” “Becky…” “Yeah?” “Shut up. Please.” Becky nods.

At school, Luke walks over to Becky with some gummi bears. Something seems to have happened between them after that night at the convenience store. Becky thinks Luke is a typical jock, bragging to his friends. All he wants to do is get to know her.

Landry puts his foot in his mouth when he tries to explain himself to Jess and how he is still in love with Tyra. She slaps him. Later, Vince goes over to Jess’ to get some ribs, but it seems he isn’t welcome.

The Lions are playing the McNolte Mavericks on Friday, one of the best teams in the league, on TV.

At practice, Coach brings in the championship Riggins bros to knock some skills into the team. Luke and Vince’s connection continues to grow. Coach hands them some game tape for them to watch and go to Sears to watch it. J.D. and crew walk by and proceed to be jerks before Coach Stan comes by and tells them off.

Coach Stan: “You know what, why don’t you get the hell out of my department and the hell out of my store.”
J.D.: “For what?”
Coach Stan: “Because I’m just one jackass comment away from doing some serious damage and if that happens, I would lose my job, and I love my job. You get me?”

Vince’s mother is excited for the game on Friday. She wants to see him play.

It’s Friday Night and the Lions are playing very well against the Mavericks, ending up with a 14-7 loss. Good effort nonetheless.

Matt and Julie are making out outside of Fran’s Hamburgers and she asks if he wants to go to Austin for a music festival. He says sure, but Coach and Mrs. Coach aren’t going to let her go during the school week. She ends up leaving anyway.

They’re laying out on the hood of Matt’s car on a country road, Julie ignoring her mother’s calls. Mrs. Coach heads over to East Dillon and asks Landry if he knows where Matt and Julie are. He tells her they’re going to see the Heartless Bastards tomorrow.

They get to Austin and are in their hotel room. Matt turns on the radio and he asks her to dance to “Crazy.” Meanwhile back home, Mrs. Coach is going crazy not knowing where her daughter is. In the morning, Coach wakes up to find Mrs. Coach crying. He assures her she’s safe with Matt.

Landry calls Matt and tells him about Mrs. Coach being worried. Matt had no idea Julie did not tell her parents. She tells him she knows he hates being in Dillon and that the only reason he stayed is because of her, and she doesn’t want to feel the guilt. During the concert later, Matt asks Julie if she wants him to leave. I want you to stay, Julie says. They love each other.

They head back home and are sitting in front of the Taylors. They kiss. “I’ll see you later,” Matt says and Julie walks in, crying, apologizes to her mother waiting at the table. She slinks to the floor, upset, knowing Matt may be leaving. Mrs. Coach goes to comfort her daughter.

Matt sits in his car outside his own home, looking through the window seeing his grandma and mother trying to fix the TV. Next thing we know, Matt is driving out of Dillon to Bob Dylan.

Episode Thoughts
It was almost like a changing of the guard. We said goodbye to Matt and Lyla in one swoop and as we did, we started getting to know the newbies even more and we probably will really start delving into their lives in the following episodes.

Both Matt and Lyla left someone heartbroken in Dillon, and goodbyes usually are like that, yeah? We can assume, Becky’s got a clearer chance with Tim, but Luke’s around too. And a distraught Julie, will she be able to get over Matt? She did before *cough*Swede*cough* but we’ll have to wait and see.

Sad that for a 2nd episode, we didn’t get a Matt-Gramma Saracen moment, especially if this is the last we’ll see of Matt for a while.

But Zach Gilford and Minka Kelly… they’ve both come a long way from their television debuts. They’ve grown as actors right along with their characters and it has been amazing to watch.

Excellent performance by Connie Britton, as always, but especially this week as a worried Tami tries to look for her daughter. So much realism on this show, her reaction as well as Coach’s reaction, so true to life.

All in all, a great episode, one that showed the repercussions of last week’s big episode, but one that will bring about even more effects in the upcoming episodes.

So long honey, babe
Where I’m bound, I can’t tell
Goodbye’s too good a word, babe
So I’ll just say fare thee well
I ain’t saying you treated me unkind
You could have done better but I don’t mind
You just kinda wasted my precious time
But don’t think twice, it’s all right.

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