New Online Series If I Can Dream Could Be the Start of Something New

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No spoilers.

American Idol executive producer Simon Fuller has created an interesting new online series, though more like a project that could make a new kind of multimedia experience.

Officially launched last week, If I Can Dream is the new project that has five young (and good looking!) aspiring actors, singers, and models living in a house together in Hollywood with cameras streaming live video of them 24/7 online.

Almost like Big Brother without the competition and a realtime Real World, what makes If I Can Dream unique is that its purpose is to follow these five people until they get their big break. As soon as they do, they will leave the house and be replaced by another aspiring dreamer through submissions to the website as auditions. is the hub for the series. Live video feeds of the house will stream while a weekly “recap” show debuts every Tuesday on Hulu.

If I Can Dream is very much a live docudrama. The five dreamers are fully connected to the outside world. Each day has them “chatting” with fans and viewers through Twitter.

For the voyeurs that are fans of Big Brother or reality TV fans and those who love seeing talent competitions, If I Can Dream is a mix and hybrid of all that and more.

Simon Fuller hopes to extend the series to television soon, but for now it remains an internet venture. It is certainly an interesting concept. These people are legitimately working for their dream of making it big. And you can watch every minute of the lives LIVE online. And you can talk to them. Certainly the first of its kind.

Checking into the house at any given time, you might just find them sitting around in the living room together or even alone in their own rooms on their computers. But there is still something interesting in being able to check in on them. Be it that voyeuristic quality, by the entire project being highly interactive, you may be able to form a connection with them enough that you are rooting for their success in the crazy world of Hollywood.

It should be interesting to see where this project goes and how it develops over time. For a multimedia project, this could be the start of something new. For aspiring dreamers, this could be the start of their careers.

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