Finding Lost in its Final Season

A plane crashed on a mysterious island in 2003 and I was hooked.

The Lost series premiere was incredible television, something rarely seen, and it hooked myself and millions of people around the world.

An intriguing and intricate series that sucked viewers in all while confusing them through a wild ride of twists and turns. What made Lost so addicting was also what turned people off along the way.

Having smart programs on television, ones that actually make you think, are always welcome. But for many, Lost‘s twists were more mind-fracking than thought provoking and, to force a pun, Lost fans became lost.

I was one of them, and I got lost towards the end of season 2. While I’d tune in for pieces of episodes here and there and watch those quirky 7 minute recaps with the monotone lady narrator, I just never got the “must watch” feeling I did when the show first started. There’s twists and then there’s shock and awe. Lost had both.

Now in its final season, like many other lost Lost fans, I’m tuning back in just to see how all this madness and craziness makes sense (if even!). While I don’t understand half most of what is going on and have no idea who most of these new people are, I’ve been watching all the pretty pictures and hoping it will all fit together in the end.

It’s almost like taking a book and reading the first few chapters and then flipping to the end of the book. I may not go back and read the middle of the book, but I’ll be resigned to having been a fan of TV phenomenon, even for a little while. There’s no denying the impact Lost has had and its place in TV history.

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