Thank You Ms. Frances Reid

It brings great sadness to hear about the passing of Frances Reid, the heart and soul, the matriarch of NBC’s Days of our Lives.

For millions of people, for generations of fans, Frances Reid was like a 2nd mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Who wouldn’t want Frances Reid as Alice Horton bake you some of her famous doughnuts?

I grew up watching Days of our Lives. My grandparents, my aunt, and my parents too when they had the day off, would sit and watch the lives of Salem residents unravel. And even though I was young enough that my eyes would get covered up often, Days of our Lives is definitely a big part of my TV life.

France Reid was an incredible talent and an amazing presence. For the entire run of Days of our Lives, she as matriarch Alice Horton truly welcomed us into her home as we did to her. Partnered with the late MacDonald Carey as patriarch Dr. Tom Horton, they were everyone’s grandparents for an hour each day.

They represented warmth and love in a genre that stereotypically features lies and sex. MacDonald Carey passed away in 1994 and Frances Reid continued on Days, making Alice Horton even more warm and caring and introducing her to a new generation.

During the biggest stunt in Days of our Lives history, the Salem Stalker storyline, headwriter, the late James E. Reilly had the balls to include Alice in his list of victims. Though the entire thing was reversed quickly, fans were beyond outraged. The impact of her character was undeniable.

Frances Reid will be remembered for a career that spanned more than 60 years, but most especially for her role on Days of our Lives, one of the most enduring characters on television.

Days cast members have tweeted how honored they were to have known and worked with Frances Reid. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that as a fan, I am honored to have watched and had Frances Reid allow us to welcome her into our homes.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Frances’ family. May she rest peace.

And most of all thank you Ms. Frances Reid.

I’ll be loving you, oh Always
With a love that’s true Always.
When the things you’ve planned
Need a helping hand,
I will understand Always.

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