Holiday Shopping Suggestions: Holiday DVDs

With Black Friday here, the Holiday season is really officially upon us. Shopping and Christmas decorations not enough to get you in the holiday spirit? Here’s some great holiday DVDs that will sure be wonderful additions to your annual holiday traditions.

What holiday home would be complete without A Charlie Brown Christmas. The touching, poignant, and hilarious Christmas classic is an annual-must and what better way to watch it than with this remastered version.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (Remastered Deluxe Edition) $13.99

I only discovered this British classic last year, but it is now certainly an annual event for me. A wonderfully animated 1982 special is based on the children’s book by English author Raymond Briggs. It was #71 on the list of Greatest British Television Programs and it has finally made its way to the United States. The film, as is the book, is wordless, but the incredible score and the beautiful animation is sure to warm your hearts this holiday season.

The Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman $5.49

The 1947 original film starring Maureen O’Hara, John Payne, Natalie Wood, and arguably the best film Santa Claus ever Edmund Gwenn (who is challenged only by Sir Richard Attenborough in the 1994 remake of the film) is a certified classic. The story of a Macy*s Santa Claus who might just be the real thing reminds us what Christmas is all about while also proving that maybe there really is a Santa Claus.

Miracle on 34th Street (Special Edition) $12.49

When I first saw this 1986 Jim Henson TV special, I cried. Granted, I was 3 at the time when it was rebroadcast on Nickelodeon, but to this day I still remember watching it for the first time. A fun, yet touching story about what happens when toys come out and play and how Christmas isn’t the happiest time for some of them.

The Christmas Toy $14.49

Jared Padalecki steps out of his demon hunting boots and puts on a scarf in this autobiographical movie about the life of mass produced painter Thomas Kinkade. Joined by Marcia Gay Harden and Peter O’Toole, Padalecki helps tells the story of how Kinkade was inspired to paint in the first place thanks to his mentor (O’Toole) and the problems his family faced before the Christmas season.

Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage $13.49

One of the best animated films ever and one of the most underrated, The Iron Giant depicts Cold War fears in 1957 when a young boy discovers a giant iron man from space has arrived and has to hide him from the U.S. government. Fun, exciting, and an incredibly emotional climax, it is just simply one of the best animated films.

The Iron Giant (Special Edition) $5.49

Another underrated animated film, Cats Don’t Dance fuses musicals and animation in this fun film from 1997. Featuring the voices of Scott Baukla and Jasmine Guy with Natalie Cole providing the singing voice, this is one of the films that proved at the time that Disney wasn’t the only one churning out excellent productions in animation. It is the story of a cat from Kokomo, Nebraska wanting to make it in Hollywood against discrimination against animals, while falling in love along the way. A real gem that’s just waiting to be discovered by an audience beyond the cult following it has already amassed.

Cats Don’t Dance $12.49

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