Kings 1×12: The New King (Series Finale), Part 1

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Michelle goes to her mother in the kitchen who is busy planning tomorrow’s events for the handing over of Port Prosperity to Gath. She asks about David who’s been made like he’s never existed. Rose poo-poos it and says what’s important is she take care of her baby.

In a hotel room, Jack is pacing, Lucinda is on the floor cutting out pictures. William comes in with Andrew and tells Jack that action will happen tomorrow in Port Prosperity.

Silas visits Vesper Abedon and brings some wine. He wants to ask for his advice after all the recent events. “Stop trying to win their approval” the old king says, “It is better to be feared than loved.” “You want to give Gath the land? Those for, plant in front of the cameras. Those against, plant in the dirt. Don’t hide it. Let the sun dapple the whole damn mess. And anyone still plotting against you will do it slipping in blood puddle.”
“I know you Silas better than anyone. My worst enemy, now my only friend. You’re no tyrant, but you could be, if you tried.”

Silas then asks about David and Vesper Abedon says to kill him, but how as he’s protected by God? “With a bullet,” the old king replies. Silas goes to leave, but lets the guards come in with a TV. He walks past another cell where David is, just next door to the old king. He orders the guards to feed him, it will be his last meal because once Port Prosperity has been handed over, he dies, and “I’ll truly have peace,” Silas says.

Klotz and Boyden are at the gate of Astor Hall. “We open the gate, we close the gate,” Klotz says. “This is our job, it’s important,” Boyden replies, but how Klotz asks. “It just is.”

Silas is in the boardroom with the ministers, assuring them the land transfer to Gath will bring peace. He orders that anyone refusing to evacuate the land will be arrested, those refusing arrest will be shot twice. The ministers whisper to themselves. They leave.

Someone comes in applauding. Rose walks towards Silas still sitting. She sits on the table pulls Silas closer, pulls her skirt higher. They start getting frisky while she brings up Jack, trying to get Silas to get him to be part of the ceremony tomorrow. “I built this country with you, I bound it to our family in name,” she tells him, “You may have the will, but I maximize your effect. And tomorrow will be your greatest hour. And you need at least one smile by your side that isn’t trying to hold back the tears.”

She threatens that if Jack doesn’t stand by him tomorrow without being hurt or arrested, Silas will be standing alone. She leaves Silas to ponder.

In the hotel, William tells Jack about the pardon. He says it’s an opportunity, “the world will see one king fall and another one rise.” Back at home in the kitchen, Michelle goes to ask her father where David is. “Time to find a new boyfriend,” he says and she bargains, what if she’s already found one. Someone that she’ll be seen with to let the people know that the Princess has lost faith in David Shepherd, so should they. He loves seeing her maturity. She wants to say goodbye and he tells her she better hurry.

She goes to see David and tries to explain but he won’t hear any of it. “I would’ve bet my life that you’d be there for me,” he says, “I can’t trust you Michelle, nothing you say will matter to me. Just keep your reasons.” “Goodbye David,” she says and leaves.

People are being forcibly evicted from their homes and other shot dead. The royal envoy is heading to Port Prosperity. Paul, the man who helped Michelle with the bill and wants her is her date to the ceremony. Silas and Rose are pleased.

At the venue, people are protesting outside. William tells Andrew to stay close when things start to happen. They are on an upper level overlooking the ceremony floor. He tells his son, “There’s a language to civilization and a small group of scholars who can read it. I was born fluent. General Benjamin could barely make out the glyphs. As king, he’s lost his glasses. He can’t see that war is just the fuel of progress. Nothing is made in peace… except art. He changed. I remember when we first met. I really liked him. He used to be so funny.”

David is staring at his final meal. Vesper Abedon asks if he’s really not going to eat any of it. David gives the old king his steak through an opening in the wall.

David: “The king in all his wisdom set me up to die any minute.”
Abedon: “That was my idea. Sorry about that David.”
David: “You know who I am?”
Abedon: “Oh, I know lots about you. You gave me back my mind. … There is nothing to be afraid of in death. Since I owe you double, let me give you a parting gift. Your obel coin the mouth. It is always better to be loved than feared. Some of us made the mistakes the other way. But it does not go well. Die loved, you die happy.”
David: “I’d rather live miserable.”
Vesper Abedon laughs as the guards come in to tell David it is time. He asks how and they respond “firing squad.” David puts on his jacket and follows the guards outside.

At Port Prosperity, Thomasina tells Silas that Gath has arrived. But at the door, so has Jack, Lucinda in tow.
“I’ve come to beg forgiveness,” Jack says. Silas motions for him to come closer. “Forgiveness is a form of love,” Silas says, “and I do not love you.”
He tells Jack to kneel, twice. He does. Silas then tells him to kiss the ground he walks on, “your mouth’s been in dirtier places.” Rose tries to stop Silas, Michelle can’t even look. Jack kisses the ground.

“That’s the second time your mother’s given you life,” Silas says, “it’ll be the last.” He gets up and leaves.

Outside, the people applaud, the fanfare begins as Silas and the family walk out with Gath’s premier and entourage meeting at the center of the stage. They shake hands.
Silas: “What’s it like governing when the people have hope?”
Premier Shaw: “Unusual. How’s it been governing when they’re afraid?”
Silas: “Easier.”

“The men are in position,” Andrew says and William says to tell them, “as soon as Jack makes his move. The people are ready for a new king, so let’s give them one.”

Silas begins a speech, “Peace is not a lamb, but a lion. That it requires force and discipline. Otherwise it will go wild and feed on you. I make no meek apology. History will thank me. You will too. The sun says noon. It is time to hand over this territory to Gath.”

Meanwhile, David is getting tied to a post and an “x” chalked onto his jacket. They give him a chance for final words. David looks up into the sky, “I have only ever lived for peace, I lift my eyes to you and I know I’ll find it.”

Silas continues, “Our cause is peace. We’ve been on a long drift from God…” and suddenly someone in the audience hurls a shoe at him yelling “Murderer!”
Secret service quickly tackle the guy and Silas continues.

The firing squad readies and aims at David. He takes a deep breath. Jack looks up at his Uncle. The Gilboan flag is lowered and he Gath flag raised. “Do it Jack” William whispers. Rose looks up at him. Jack looks down and sees one of the photographers get up with gun.

Jack pushes Silas out of the way and gets shot. He falls to the floor.
The gunman hits Silas, blood splatters on the table… another shot, Silas falls to the floor as well.
The firing squad gets ready to shoot David, but “Fire!” and they are the ones that fall to the ground.
Chaos erupts in the hall at Port Prosperity. The premier of Gath is whisked out of the hall. Rose goes to her husband and covers him with her body. Thomasina runs to them. The gunman shoots at the crowd before getting tackled. Jack gets up as Rose is literally pulled off of Silas. Thomasina oversees Silas getting to the ambulance. Vesper Abedon watches the whole thing on the TV, “Oh dear! Oh!” and lets out a smile and chuckle.
David is shocked he’s been spared.

People are gathering at the gate of Astor Hall and leaving flowers. The media is reporting Silas is dead.

Inside, Rose is sitting alone, blood all over her dress. Rev. Samuels walks in and she refuses to believe Silas is dead. “He’s harder than lead! And you would have known this! You see things of this size! Did you see some sign? No! Silas does not die like this! He does not die!”
“He was just a man after all,” the Rev. says, “more so today than ever.”

They hear the fanfare signaling the king approaches. They go to see. Instead of Silas, Jack is being heralded into the Hall. Rose becomes even more distraught. “I didn’t want it to be this way. But we’re here now. I take my place, his place. As you’ve always said mother, many times, the people must see us, be us, even when we’re not.”
He kisses her on the cheek, “We must be a family now.”

David is waiting in a room as Jack comes in. “It’s true then?” David asks. Jack walks towards him and hugs him. Jack tugs at David’s jacket, “I was worried you wouldn’t make this.”
David: “You saved my life. Why?”
Jack: “We’re rid of the poison. My father is gone. It’s my turn to rule and I want to do it well. I need someone good around here. I will try to do right by your example. I swear to you from this moment on, I am your friend.”

They walk into the boardroom together, Michelle is absolutely shocked David is alive. Jack takes his place in the King’s chair. William is standing off to the side.

He begins… “They took from us our best. But we cannot let the work of rogues impede my father’s best ambition… peace. To that end, let it be said, let it be known, let it be remembered, that I, on the day of my melancholy ascension saw through that goal. But we didn’t give up our land to achieve that peace, we can reach out to Gath…”

“Enough!” William exclaims, “We suffered enough peacock speeches under him. … I don’t speak the backwards language of kings, so I’ll talk plain. Silas is dead, killed by Gath assassins. The media will confirm the story today. Jack will be king.”
William continues saying Jack’s first order will be to avenge his father’s murder and declare war on Gath. He tells the ministers to ready the planes to strike. David looks at Jack. “No,” Jack says standing up. Rev. Samuels suggests to wait and mourn their loss before letting grief cloud their judgment. The country doesn’t want this, David adds. William says people will want it when Shiloh itself is attacked.

“No, war is not the answer as king,” Jack says. William won’t have it, “Sit down Jack.” And one of the armed guards puts his hand on his shoulder while another two come walking down the stairs. Jack is stunned.

William says that since the heir apparent has had a traumatic day, he will make all necessary decisions in the meantime. Rose gets angry at William using her son for this, his plan all along.

“Neither you, nor he, nor any vagrant opinion will interrupt… gah! Now you’ve got me doing it!” William exclaims, but Andrew has some news. He tells his father that Silas’ ambulance was found, but no Silas.

A line of armed military is guarding the Hall. William holds everyone hostage in the boardroom. He wants them to tell him where Silas went. No one knows, but he remembers the pilgrimage. He goes to Michelle and asks her to tell him where her father went on pilgrimage. She stays silent. He yells at her but Rose yells at him to stop, no one knows, not even her.

When William leaves the room, Michelle goes to David. She knows he knows where he is. She tells him she can get him out of there and she shows him a secret passage connecting to Altar Mansion. Andrew sees them.

David makes it outside and sees a car in front. He goes to it but is stopped by Klotz and Boyden. He asks for their help and asks “Can you open that gate?” Of course, the two happily do and David drives the car straight out over the flowers and candles.

Meanwhile, Jack and Rose are sitting outside the boardroom, a distance apart. “Mother,” Jack calls out and Rose replies, “Just tell me you didn’t know, even if it’s not true.” Before he can answer, William comes out to call Jack in. They’re ready for Jack to speak to the country.

David arrives. It is the farm. He heads into the stables and finds the room where Silas is in bed, Helen at his side. He walks in as Silas greets him, “You’ve come to finish me off?” Thomasina comes from behind and points a gun at David.
“I’m not here for that,” David says and Silas jokes, “Maybe plant a garden?”

David fills Silas in on Jack and William’s true plan. Silas motions Thomasina to stand down. “Someone had to win,” says.

David: “Don’t you understand? Everything you ever built will be destroyed unless you go back.”
Silas: “I’m done boy, read the signs.”
David: “What about your country? No. You don’t deserve to die loved.”
David moves in close to Silas.
David: “YOU DON’T DESERVE IT YOU SON OF A BITCH!! GET UP!! After all the wrong you’ve done to them. To me! I fought for you! I believed in you! WE ALL DID! You told us you were chosen to lead. Was that a lie? Or did God just make a mistake?”

David backs off and Silas’ son comes into the room. “Are you leaving again?” the little boy asks. Silas replies, “Remember what I said about working for the king? I am the king.”

Episode Thoughts
Well, we’re in the home stretch. One final episode left and I can not wait one week for it. Part 1 of the series (*sniff*) finale was another incredible episode (of course). But this was the first episode where we really got the feeling that yes, the show is coming to an end.

The stakes are higher, the sh-t is hitting all the fans in Gilboa and maybe Gath too, the uprising has begun.

While it’s no surprise that William Cross has all along planned for his own ascent to the throne, the events of the day were certainly exciting. David “meets” old king Abedon, Michelle “matures” the way her parents want her to, Jack lowers himself to kissing the ground then gets sucker punched by realizing his Uncle is a bastard, but not before hugging David! (which I honestly though was going to be a kiss or something, the way he was looking at David and how close their faces where, I’m sure if Kings lived longer, we’d see that side of the David/Jack relationship explored)

And the ceremony and the firing squad… man, gripping television at its best. You knew what was going on and what was going to happen, but then you still had no clue what was going on and what was going to happen.

One of my favorite scenes probably of the whole series, William Cross’ jarring, yet hilarious “Now you’ve got me doing it!” line. So strange to have a comedic moment on a show that really never had any (minus Boyden and Klotz), but it still fit. It was in character and added a little levity to the dramatic proceedings. And the shoe throwing! Sneaky reference!

The final scene with David and Silas was absolutely incredible. Chris Egan was on fire and Ian McShane as a shocked, stunned Silas was superb. And what about Sebastian Stan and even more so Susanna Thompson. This episode most certainly should have been Susanna Thompson’s Emmy tape (if Kings actually had any glimmer of hope). She was absolutely amazing throughout.

So one week left, one more episode and Kings will have to say goodbye forever. While I’ll welcome a miracle with open arms, I am eagerly awaiting the end of what has been a gripping, emotional thrill ride of drama.

Episode Caps (click to embiggen, I went a little overboard! Haha)

6 thoughts on “Kings 1×12: The New King (Series Finale), Part 1

  1. Just a riveting episode. Really enjoyed the JFK/Jackie reference, where she refuses to change out of her blood-splattered clothes.

    For some reason I’ve never liked the actor playing William Cross. His voice is far too whiny for such an important character – He lacks the presence of McShane or Thompson. I mean, this character is supposed to be the one financing and now controlling the monarchy!

    Great episode, excited to see how they wrap this up.

  2. GAH!
    Another great episode! I am on the edge of my seat for next week’s. I can’t believe it’s almost done.

    Cross is a disgusting bastard. I don’t know about Andrew, I have no idea what his deal is and I expect I never will. What are his motives exactly?

    Firing squad scene: awesome.

    Shoe throwing: I admit, I chuckled a little. I also chuckled when Abedon just said “Oh, my” as the King was getting SHOT UP. I have to admit, I was actually surprised that Silas was still alive, which is ridiculous cuz why wouldn’t he be? That’s just great television.

    Also, why the hell would Silas take advice from the King he removed from power??? Why do you think he would help you, Silas? DUH! golly.

    The acting… just amazing as always. Since Jack is my favorite character, I must point out that the scene where he kisses the ground just had me on edge the entire time. The way Silas treats him… I’m surprised Jack DIDN’T kill him.

    Oh, and side note: I have to agree with you about the scene between Jack and David. It totally looked like a kiss was coming, which I’m sure many people, including myself, would have been okay with.

    Can’t wait till the next episode! I might even catch it on TV as opposed to watching on Hulu before work on Sunday.

  3. DavidF, Wow! I did not catch that JFK reference. That’s very interesting. Definitely Rose though. She’s worked so hard (and sometimes too hard!) to keep her family’s image, Silas’ power. And for it to just be gone at the snap of a finger, how could she believe it?
    And Dylan Baker as William Cross, I think the way he’s been portraying the character actually makes him more sinister and evil! Haha.

    Lyssie, it seems like they’re setting up Andrew having a big part in this week’s events. Hopefully the reason he was exiled will be one of the storylines they do wrap up.
    I think I had the same reaction as Rose to Silas dying. He doesn’t die, at least not like this!

    Sebastian Stan has just topped himself every week, I think. He’s been given the best material and acted the hell out of it.
    I think Jack, no matter how his father treats him, still loves him to a degree. And he knows the work they’ve put in to create that royal picture.

    I think if the show were to have gone on longer, that side of Jack and David would’ve been touched on. The innuedos are in the Bible, how much more in a present day adaptation of it. 😉

    Can’t wait for Saturday. I’m hoping for a satisfying conclusion. I know it will be a good episode, but I am anxious to see how much they were able to wrap up.

  4. Love this show to death. And it’s NOT the series finale. NBC is now calling it the “season finale”. Coming back next year.

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