An Amazing Race All-Star Rant:

When rumors that an All-Star edition of The Amazing Race surfaced a couple of seasons ago, I was excited. I thought it would be a chance for me to get to see some of the most memorable and best teams Race again. Even though Survivor and Big Brother‘s All-Star seasons were far from being the best, I was looking forward to “TARAS.”

Then came The Amazing Race 7 when the entire game was turned upside down.

I will be truthful and blunt… Romber is a Cylon disease on TAR.

My biggest concern of an All-Star season is the fact that undoubtedly, CBS will demand Rombuh be part of it.

I really do not care about how huge the ratings were for TAR7, I don’t care about all the attention TAR got becuase of them.

I don’t care if you love Romber… they’re personalities may be perfect for Survivor, Big Brother, or SciFi Investigates, but for The Amazing Race, we don’t need that kind of play. Thank You.

I’d rather TAR be a modest success than be huge becuase of a couple of washed-up reality stars that do not know when to go away.

The cast has in no way been confirmed, but TARAS can be just as enjoyable with teams who didn’t almost irreversibly destroy TAR.

You can ask me to defend TAR8… but I think TAR7 is a bigger bump in TAR’s road.

For me, TARAS will be all about casting. Rombuh will be a huge minus.

The major hurdle for Betram Van Muster and Elise Doganieri is to decide what teams to be on. Will it be a mix of “nice teams?” (Kris & Jon, John Vito & Jill)… “funny teams?” (Kevin & Drew, Ken & Gerard)… “villians?” (Colin & Christie, Guidos)… “dominant teams?”

Maybe just plain memorable teams? (Charla & Mirna, Marion & DJ Paolo, David & Mary)

“Rumored” lists have been floating around for months, and almost all of them have been total jokes.

Some of the teams that have been rumored to be considered and turned down is an absolute travesty.

For one thing, no matter how much you hate and want to forget TAR8, it is there and it should be represented. All 10 seasons should be represented in an All-Star Race becuase while the tasks and locations were lacking in TAR8, the teams were fully capable of Racing and can definitely fight it out with the regularTAR teams.

I have been one of TAR’s biggest supporters. I bought the TAR7 DVD, even though I really have no intention of wanting to watch it. But I did it in the hopes that CBS would release all the other seasons. They haven’t.

No question TARAS will get almost as much mixed response as TAR8 and even the whole Rombuh debacle… so come February/March (or after the Super Bowl?) I will be watching becuase I absolutely love TAR… but I can honestly say, we all will be able to pre-judge the season on the teams alone.

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