Reviews: Friday Night Lights + Veronica Mars = Perfect Tuesday

Tonight will be a great night of television; the best new show of the season followed by one of television’s best returning dramas. While they’re both on different networks, the travel time will be well worth it.

Of course, I’m talking about Friday Night Lights (8PM/7c, NBC) and Veronica Mars (9PM/8c, CW). Two amazing dramas back to back… check them out!

Tuesdays at 8:00PM/7:00c
It isn’t a high concept thriller like Lost or 24 or a standard CBS procedural, but Friday Night Lights packs just as much (if not more) emotional punch as the rest of the dramas on primetime television.

You don’t have to be a fan of football to enjoy the show, but if you are, you’ll love it even more.

The story of a small town in Texas all rallying behind its high school football team resonates on so many levels. From scenes of team practices, teenage/high school “drama,” family life (both comedy and drama), and the “big game” itself; everyone will find something to enjoy. But in reality, it is difficult not to enjoy all aspects of the show.

If you were a fan of NBC’s late, great American Dreams, Friday Night Lights definitely fills at least some of the void left by that great family drama. It doesn’t have to shock and awe, it doesn’t have to add some mystical supernatural element to it… Friday Night Lights is filled with many genuinely truthful and sincere moments and all of them make up an overall warm, exciting, thrilling, down to earth drama series.

Its premise sounds so simple, yet it entertains and satisfies everything you could want in a primetime drama series, while still going beyond. Easily the best new show of the season.

Tuesdays at 9:00PM/8:00cThis critical darling may need to pull something big out to save itself. Though never a ratings hit, Veronica Mars has consistently been one of network television’s best dramas. Kristen Bell delivers numerous Emmy worthy performances, as well as her on-screen father, Enrico Colantoni. As the show adopts a new format and with Veronica starting a new life in college, the series will get a refreshing and welcome change. The CW is pushing its pairing with Gilmore Girls, but everyone will have to wait and see what will be the ultimate fate of this television gem.
The pilot is absolutely great and effortlessly brings Veronica to Hearst College without skipping a beat. The new characters are interesting, the returning characters are their usual selves, it should be a great season (hopefully a full 22 episode season!).

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