Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 4 – “Take your junk to the next pit stop.”

It was another great episode of season 10 of The Amazing Race.

The Leg
TAR10 isn’t letting up. This has to be the most challenging first four legs ever in the history of the Race. Cuts, sprained ankles, heat exhaustion!?!? The teams are definitely a long way to go.

Lots of kudos to whoever came up with the auditory clue. Great way to trip up the teams, and really force them to communicate with the locals. Dustin & Kandice were hilarious trying to listen and understand the crickets.

The ascender Road Block… one of the toughest things you could ever do on the Race. I still can’t believe Sarah did the Road Block and not Peter. Yeah, Sarah is more than capable, but come on Peter!

Ah… Vietnamese boats. Love them Vietnamese boats. Of course, another classic TAR moment is Flo’s breakdown after the basket boats in Vietnam.

Another hectic, hectic challenge for the teams trying to row the sampans. I don’t know how different it is from rowing a canoe, but I’ve never seen so many TAR teams have trouble with rowing before. Maybe two or three in the past, but almost all the teams had trouble in this episode. Some of them didn’t even have the basic rowing knowledge.

The Detour was great, and very challenging; pulling up baskets of pearl oysters or delivering loads of fruits to a floating village.

Vietnam was very beautiful. This leg reminded me of the 2nd Philippine leg in Palawan on TAR5. The geography was almost the same, including the ascender Road Block.

The Teams
Peter & Sarah… has there ever been a co-ed team where the man wanted to quit? Not only was Sarah doing a lot of the work, but Peter wanted to quit!?!? Sarah is the motivator of the team?!?! I’m still not sure about what their relationship is. And what was with Peter pushing T&T’s boat away. A little too intense?

Lyn & Karlyn… they are fighters. They have great motivation, not sure they’re having fun, but they have great motivation in their kids.

Erwin & Godwin… not as stellar a performance as last week, but they did well. They haven’t had a lot of luck with transportation.

David & Mary… again, bless their hearts. They are just good ol’ people. Plus, Mary is golden for quotes and episode titles. They’re cool though, Mary definitely gets a little frustrated sometimes, but they push through.

Tyler & James… they were kind of in the background this episode, not too much from them. They raced well I guess.

Dustin & Kandice… they cut again? *tsk tsk*… Lyn & Karlyn were right, karma is very prevalent in The Amazing Race (well, except for when Freddy & Kendra won TAR6). They’re not as good as they are made out to be though. They’ve been lacking the last two legs, and crumpling up your clue? Not a good idea.

Tom & Terry… not too sad about their elimination. They were kind of annoying, but they’re cool. They still love each other… I guess. Oh, but I have to applaud Tom for pushing/pulling their sampan all the way to the junk. That was pretty awesome.

And finally, Rob & Kimberly… in this episode, I realized they are the 2nd coming of Colin & Christie; the intense, easily frustrated man with the not so weak female partner who sometimes fires back. I don’t know that they’ll do as well as Colin & Christie did in TAR5, but their attitudes are definitely on par with theirs. That water slapping moment though was very reminiscent of Colin’s famous “I’m packin’ it!” moment.

Just another amazing episode. Very exciting, very thrilling… lots of stuff going on, great destination… just a great episode.

I really have to commend the editors for having such amazing skills with putting the episode together. The editing together of clips and synchronizing it in with the music… just perfect. Both picture and sound editors definitely deserve their Emmys.

TAR10 is seriously not letting up, they are on a roll and it is definitely a great thing for the show. It has all the elements of the best of TAR, plus adds new excitement and challenges. This is definitely shaping up to be a great season.

There’s a ton of them this episode!

Tyler: “I’m gonna see how much dong you got.”
James: “He’s honking for dong!”

(yeah, I’m 10 years old… but anything for a good laugh)

Dustin/Kandice: “We’re here to pick up our dong.”

Mary: “If this Race gets any harder… I’m going to have to be Superwoman or something.”

Kandice: “Here… these crickets.”
*crickets buzzing*
Dustin: “Yeah, but I don’t know what that means.”

Rob (to cab driver): “Are you stoned?”

Mary (to cab driver): “I like you.”
David: “You ain’t taking him home.”
Mary: “But I love him, he’s so cool.”
Cab driver: *speaks Vietnamese*
Mary: “I luuve you!”

Cab driver: *speaks Vietnamese*
David: “I don’t speak your language dude!”

Terry: “Oh, its tight on my crotch.”

Lyn: “If you can have a baby without anesthesia, then you can go up this rock.”

Kimberly: “What is a junk?”

Terry: “As long as there’s a Starbucks nearby, we could live here.”

Mary (to David): “Now when you become my boss, you can tell me what to do.”

Rob: “Where are the baskets dude?” *slaps water*
Kimberly: “Don’t throw a hissy fit!”

David: “I ain’t never done nothin’ like this.”
Mary: “Oh look, you’re going straight to a mountain’”

Mary: “We came from Kentucky. We’ve never been put out in the real live ocean. Water over your head… if you fell, you’re dead!”

Rob: “I know how to row!”
Kimberly: “Yeah, I forgot you went to school for that.”

Clue: “Take your junk to the next pit stop.”

Tyler: “This guy forgot the anchor. Unbelievabe. Thanks guys!”
James: “No wonder we were going so slow.”
Tyler: “Great job man!”
Junk captain: *thumbs up*

Mary: “That’s Phil in the orange shirt… I know Phil! Scrawny little ol’ gorgeous thing!”

1. Erwin & Godwin
1. David & Mary
1. Tyler & James
4. Lyn & Karlyn
5. Dustin & Kandice
6. Rob & Kimberly
6. Tom & Terry
8. Pete & Sarah

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