Recap: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 3 – “We’ll follow each other to hell I guess”


TAR10 keeps getting better and better.

Vietnam has been one of the most memorable destinations in TAR history. (basket boats and basket bikes anyone?) And tonight was no different. A lot of great stuff all over the place.

The first is the POW prison; definitely reminiscent of TAR6’s visit to the “Gate of No Return” in Senegal. Huge kudos to Erwin & Godwin for stopping and taking a moment to pay their respects. That must have been a very emotional place. Phil’s narration of the prison was very emotional.

The Road Block… not since TAR6’s frantic rush inside the train museum in Hungary that resulted in Freddy’s broken nose has there been a more chaotic moment. The teams had to sell US$5 worth of flowers, equivalent to 80,000 dong. In TAR3, the teams had to sell 40,000 dong’s worth of fruit. Anyway, chaos everywhere. Not as much, or as funny as TAR3’s basket bikes, but still lots going on. Everyone rushing to buy flowers, bouquets falling out of the bike baskets, bikes tipping over… it was hectic.

Vietnam looks like an amazing place to visit. The ceremonies at the religious temple was very beautiful, and of course a couple of teams had to run through it all.

And another similarity to a previous TAR season. The coal Detour definitely had shades of TAR5’s brick making Road Block (Colin: “I’m PACKIN’ it!”) Its great to see the teams making some coal (and in Duke & Lauren’s case, a bird cage) for the locals. And of course, the locals love laughing at our faithful Racers. TAR, bringing laughs around the world. J

Something we didn’t see in TAR3’s Vietnam visit, the maze of homes in the farming suburbs. Many of the teams were lost, and the placements of the teams again fluctuated by the minute. Very, very exciting stuff.

Lastly about the leg itself, the pit stop… such a reminder of TAR5’s Detour in the Philippine rice fields (Colin, again: “My ox is broken!”)

And to the teams. FINALLY, Erwin & Godwin get first. You’d think they would’ve been one of the more dominant teams. But they were first for one of their few times since the start of the Race from the Detour to the Pit Stop. The local greeter was very soft spoken, how sweet. J lol

Tom & Terry… tsk, tsk… add them to the list of teams that don’t read directions carefully. They seem kinda mean though. They yelled at some Vietnamese lady with a blurred face, then they called the guy at the coal place “Guy! Guy!” Peter & Sarah… He must have been so annoying on the Race. I wouldn’t have welcomed his joking as he grabbed my clue out of my hands.

Tyler & James were okay this episode, not much feature on them, but still one of my favorite teams. David & Mary, bless their hearts, lol. Mary pushed through with her sprained ankle. And what a turn around for Lyn & Karlyn. The ones who didn’t even bother to stop and ask if Tyler & James were okay with their car, wanted to stop and help Mary on the rice fields. I guess they’d probably help Mary before T&J, but still. I like them a lot more now.

Rob & Kimberly, not as much dysfunctional couple-ness this week. But Kimberly did a “Gerard” (TAR3) when she almost got run over by a motorbike (Gerard almost got run over by a Swiss trolley). The “blondies,” Dustin & Kandice, would definitely do anything they can to go farther in the Race. In a way, that is good strategy, in another way, you could get bitten in the ass later on.

And finally Duke & Lauren. They, like the last father/daughter team in TAR5’s Jim & Marsha, were eliminated third. They seem like nice people, and good luck to them. They seem to be getting their relationship back into a very healthy level so good for them.

So overall, another excellent episode of TAR. I don’t think I can remember the first three episodes of a season being as good as they have been for TAR10. Next week, expect for more surprises. I definitely can’t wait.

Lyn: “Don’t get me wrong, we’d love to have a million dollars. But the Race is not the most glamorous thing. It’s painful… if I had to compare it to something, its like child birth.”

Lyn or Karlyn: “We’ll follow each other to hell I guess”

Phil: “Guys, this has gotta suck”

Sarah: “I’m definitely doing the next [road block]… I just got to jump in with both feet… no pun intended.”

Mary: “Oh, Its like one of those things you see on TV, David!”

David: “This isn’t real coal. Ours is hard, theirs is mud.”

1. Erwin & Godwin
1. Tyler & James
1. David & Mary
4. Lyn & Karlyn
5. Duke & Lauren
6. Dustin & Kandice
7. Rob & Kimberly
8. Tom & Terry
9. Pete & Sarah

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