First Impression Review: ABS-CBN’s Panday

Basic first week spoilers.



Well, its been a while since Panday was first announced to be in production and after many stalls and delays and waiting for another teleserye to bite the dust, it finally premiered.

After a few weeks now, Panday seems to have hit its stride. It was a mixed beginning. Seeing Philip Salvador as Flavio, the original Panday was just awesome. The premiere episode was very well done and Salvador eminated the aura that Fernando Poe, Jr. brought to the role more than 20 years ago. The backstory was so exciting that the slow moving pace that arrived with Heart Evangelista and Jericho Rosales as Eden and Tristan.

Then began a low point in what was supposed to be an action-packed premiere week that would (ABS-CBN hoped) be enough to attract audiences that would trump rival GMA’s series Encantadia. However, audiences, like myself, were surprised and bored by the slow pace after such a fast-paced start. Then, there was the rushed romance of Eden and Tristan, that defeated the purpose of all the time they devoted to setup.

But once the show finally got to what it was all about, the fantasy, the swordfights, the legend… Panday started to greatly improve.

The story is starting to be fleshed out and the deeper they go, the better the show gets. The special effects are no surprise, they are Philippine-level SFX… but when watching a so-called Filipino fantaserye, you shouldn’t be expecting Harry Potter. It works though, and the story is definitely being illustrated.

Heart and Geoff… I mean Heart and Jericho, didn’t really click with me at first. There wasn’t a kilig factor right from the start, but there has been a complete turnaround. They are more than capable leads, and carry the show when the writing doesn’t. Great performancse from them so far.

Overall, Panday is an enjoyable, action-packed, Filipino soap opera. Hopefully it’ll last longer than recent ABS-CBN teleseryes.


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