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YES! Duncan and Veronica are NOT brother and sister…. so now they can go back to being a legitimate couple… He was sooo at the door at the end of the episode… So the wierd movie actor guy killed her becuase she had the disgusting sex tapes… how Hollywood… lol… The last scenes of the episode were scary… Veronica in the ice box was like Sydney in a coffin on an episode of ALIAS this season… I thought Aaron Echolls almost losing his arm to Backup and then getting hit by a truck was both funny and very random… anyway, UPN better move VM to another timeslot becuase I’m getting a little tired of taping it… lol


Hmm… nothing too shocking… Walt was being his wierd self… Kate has some kind of freaky supernatural power too… she killed her mother? by touching her hand… or maybe she had a needle or poison or something, I dunno… Nothing too special really…

Haven’t seen it yet, but Sloane’s wife is back for one episode… her death episode was one of the best… Anyway… Lena Olin finally stopped being stubborn and greedy and is finally back as Irina Derevko next week… lol


Oh man, I was screaming “RUN THOSE FREAKS OVER!” Why couldn’t they have just run over those satanists with the tank? They had to go out and actually fire their weapons… darn… and of course more eerie stuff… Olivia’s death was so sad… the Sister going to see where they took her and then her seeing them taking her heart out… and then Olivia being led to heaven by the Doc’s daughter… wow… and then the last scene with Hawk walking into fire… geez… next week is the finale… should be amazing…


I hope Manfredo wins it all… I am so glad Jesse beat that cocky Alfonso… His daughter was pretty sad though…

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