For Your Emmy Consideration: Juliet Mills and Kathleen Noone + The Office and NCAA 2005

How sad was her/his goodbye this week… Kathleen Noone deserves an Emmy nomination for her wide range of emotions during her goodbye scenes with Precious/BamBam… What a fun two and a half years it has been with Mrs. Wallace and Nurse Precious… I was crying… because it was sooo sad and becuase I couldn’t stop laughing… the picture of Precious’ aunt, THREE Luis and Precious montages (“Lucious”), the one Mrs. Wallace/Beth/Precious montage…lol… and then Precious repeatedly knocking on the door first to get her bananas, then the bottle of Gin, then her train ticket… and how about Precious’ taking a final walk around Harmony… and of course her final wave goodbye on the train… I think that was one of the best send-offs for any character on Daytime or even Primetime… Miguel & Charity just left last year on Passions… they didn’t even get a proper goodbye… lol…
Precious will be missed…

I never saw the BBC original(probably because we don’t get BBC America… darn, more chances to watch Keeping Up Appearances) but I thought NBC’s version last night was hilarious… So random, but so funny… I hope it does well… NBC needs quality shows like this and right now its the best comedy on the network (with “Scrubs”)… I’ll have to tape it on Tuesday since its at 9:30 (and of course TAR is on)… I think it’ll be better if the show moved to Thursdays…

Just quickly… YES!!! SHE’S FINALLY GONE!!!! My bottom three would’ve been Mikalah, Anwar, and Constantine…

Just great, my Big 12 teams both fell yesterday… OKLAHOMA STATE and TEXAS TECH…ugh… Cinderellas are out in full force… lol

Juliet Mills is definitely the best actor on the show… no question… however, she hasn’t gotten any perfect material since Timmy died (the late, great Josh Ryan Evans)… but the Academy loved Juliet’s tapes which were of her 10 minute monologue on the Monday after the Olympic hiatus… and the Thanksgiving episode (which I think included the Giant Turkey… lol)… and Norma’s return at Christmas (freakin’ hilarious)… so she has the comedy AND the dramatic, emotional scenes (in her post-Olympic tapes, she debated whether or not to kill Charity, but she decided not to becuase she still had Timmy’s heart)…
Juliet has an advantage becuase it was a long monologue and the other actresses do not have that… they maybe have 2 minutes of dialogue, broken up by commercials and everything… so hopefully Juliet Mills has a good chance at winning for Lead Actress in May


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