Recap: The Amazing Race 7, Episode 3 – Do You Need Some Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation?


I take it back, I was about to say that this is more like the traditional TAR but I changed my mind after thinking about it… we got a first tonight… the first time that THREE teams chose to quit a task… also the first time that THE AMAZING RACE has seen a manipulation so underhanded and immoral as that persuasion done by Rob and Amber… I just can’t stand teams who quit anything, I lose respect for them… and probably Meredith would’ve forged ahead eating if it wasn’t for the two other teams telling him and Gretchen to quit.

What Rob & Amber was a knife in the back that they twisted… They intentionally went out to sabotage other teams, and that has never been done before on RACE because all of the teams ever on the RACE (even Jonathan & Victoria and Colin & Christie) had morals and would never do crap like that… this isn’t Survivor! I guess they do it to make up for their lack of actual endurance, intelligence, strength, will power…

I think that little stunt cheapened THE AMAZING RACE… what’s the point of doing any task now… you can just quit and take a penalty… it is also unfair how three teams who didn’t complete the Road Block stay in the Race and a team that actually finished (Debbie & Bianca) was eliminated… that is very unfair…

Ray & Deana are seriously starting to get introlerable… He is a control freak and she is a freakin’ pushover and whiner…
Meredith & Gretchen… I like them, they were hilarious up until the Road Block… even though the other teams persuaded them to quit, I just can’t stand people who quit…
Debbie & Bianca… not too sad that they’re gone… Brian & Greg are okay… We finally got to see and hear more from Ron & Kelly… still rooting for them… Uchenna & Joyce are cool too… Lynn & Alex can be sooo annoying at times, but other times very funny…

I think the YIELDs should be on every leg or only on the later legs… and bring back the FAST FORWARD every leg or at least on legs with an elimination… I would’ve been so pissed if this had been a non-elim after all that quitting and getting lost… luck should be only 5% of the reason to win the RACE

That ROAD BLOCK was definitely one of the hardest, but very unoriginal… the producers haven’t been coming up with the memorable tasks like the first couple of seasons… they’re running out of ideas!

Once again, the editing was perfect… first Debbie & Bianca‘s witchcraft-like spell to have Susan & Patrick get lost… and then Susan eating a power bar and saying it tasted like meat… lol…



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