The Amazing Race 7 Quitters Aftermath + Block 2 Calculus

I can’t believe how much people are defending Romber‘s taking advantage of a rule. And I just got even more pissed off to remember that TAR1’s Nancy & Emily were slapped with a 24 hour penalty for not doing the Road Block…
Oh man, now THAT was great television, Team Guido beat Nancy & Emily to the Fast Forward, but end up being almost 24 hours behind the other teams… Nancy & Emily would’ve ran for the million if they had just done the Road Block…

Man… Patty is getting a lot of action, how many potential boyfriends has she had now? I didn’t think about Jack possibly going to jail for the bribes, but of course he and Helen overcome another obstacle… I guess they are a fairy tale…
Meg, once again being stupid and naive… following those hippies? and then wanting to follow Paris Hilton who is probably one of the most untalented people ever… what the hell was that? she just stood there, squinted, and attempted a smile… I don’t see anything to like about her at all…
Anyway, back to American Dreams, JJ’s heading to NASA… that is so cool… and it was pretty nice seeing him coach.
And they went and did it, they completely forget/ignore Sam/Meg other than the recap at the beginning of the episode… ugh I knew it was going to happen…

Nice to see some Jack/Sydney bonding… I still didn’t get what was going on though… I noticed Mr. Franco Kelly from DAYS OF OUR LIVES guest starring as the new villain of the week… Ugh, I’m really haiting this self-containted episodes business…

After Tuesday, Nadia shot up as one of the best singers, for me, in this screeching competition. I was sad to see Lindsey go, I thought she had a good voice, if she picked a good song… Mikalah needs to go very soon… then the Rockers and Scott and Anwar.

I only watched a little bit, I didn’t know what was going on with Tribal Council… it seems like everyone’s hooking up this season, I think its the choice of wardrobe, all they wear is underwear all day…

Great class today… funny stuff being discussed in our little group of 9 + Murph… the backpack hiding reminded of last year’s Calculus class (which I enjoyed a lot more than this year’s class) when Mike and Pat put Albert’s backpack out in the hall and he didn’t even know about until after class… one of the many funny moments in that class last year…It was funny how Murph was clueless about the shirts and sweaters too…


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