The Amazing Race Valedictorian Speech

This would be an awesome part of a “valedictorian” speech..
Our lives are kind of like THE AMAZING RACE. We will encounter Road Blocks and Detours, maybe someone or something will Yield us. However there are no Fast Forwards in life, which is exactly why with hard work and perseverance, we will overcome these obstacles that stand in the way of our success after crossing that finish line. Everyone has a different prize waiting for them at the finish line; whether it be a big family, a good-paying job, a $1 Million check to split with your teammate. Our time at Sacred Heart Cathedral has prepared us (lol, yeah right) to run our own AMAZING RACEs.
Class of 2005, are you ready? The world is waiting for us… good luck… travel safe… GO!

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Race Valedictorian Speech

  1. hey lester.. reading ur thingy.. i dont get it.,.. what did they do??? i just missed out on that one part.. how did they keep the other teams from eating??? oh.. yah! I LOVE THAT SPEECH! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!! i think it would be hilarious! finally for once.. a valedictorian speech WONT be boring!

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