I love college basketball!

The TEXAS LONGHORNS are out of the 2005 NCAA Tournament…
I knew it would be close… but it was a game like that, that once again showed that they don’t have as deep a bench as they have had in the last couple of years… a few of Boddicker’s 3 pointers would’ve helped in the final seconds… Klotz and Buckman played well though… They’re going to be a very young team next season

ILLINOIS was struggling a little, but they’re pulling away… Rooting for TEXAS TECH… Out of the Chicago bracket, I like OKLAHOMA STATE and Eddie “Sut-un” (as Dick Vitale would say lol) … Right now I’m 9 for 12… not that good…

8:54PM Wow… a lot of very, very, very good games tonight… I love college basketball… 11 out of 14 now on my way to 13 out of 16 yay… lol

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