Days of our Lives in Iraq + Lost, Alias, American Idol, Daytime Emmys

Being reviewed tonight :)
It was Hurley’s episode… so of course it’d have some funny parts… but it was very serious… those numbers, what do they mean? and they appear on the thing Locke and Boone find? Geez… more mysteries added to the dozen other mysteries… Locke knows everything! He knew it was Claire’s birthday… And the “French chick” Rousseau is back.. and she didn’t want to torture Hurley… I guess he’s not as attractive as Sayid? lol Hmm… I think Rousseau and Hurley have a connection now, a bond over those lottery numbers… but darn it… its a repeat next week…

Woah… Melissa George is back (kinda), meaning Lauren Reed is back… ewe… hold on, why do they have Lauren’s body still? And Sark was in love with her? VERY MUCH in love? I thought they were just a fling… craziness… And of course, Anna Espinosa… going back to the classic Alias with the endless rounds of bullets… coolios…
And its Power Rangers Wild Force’s Ilia Volok! on Alias again… this is his second appearance on the show… Master Org was one sick child of a female dog…
Lol… Sydney as Lauren… and it is just so funny how David Anders is from Oregon… funny British accents…
I hope they get back to the old Alias… and they’re starting to

Now wasn’t that better, and less painful? The judges were actually serious this week… very different from their stupidness and uselessness… and just saying “who’s in” or “who’s out” is better… no need for a full hour… I guess Fox got a lot of slack for last week…

Well, it looks like Philip Kiriakis is about to get captured by masked Iraqi gunmen… will this spike Days’ sagging ratings? Maybe… Kyle Brandt and Ken Corday were on Fox News talking about the possible “controversial” storyline… this storyline and the Sami/Stan storyline… Dan Wells was very good yesterday as Sami as Stan… might bring the buzz back to Days… and maybe get them a freakin’ Emmy Nomination…

I am not surprised, but NBC was shut out again… a total of 4 nominations for both Days and Passions… while ABC’s “All My Children” gets 18 nominations… what the frack… The Emmy’s are still broke… and they need to fix it… the nominees should be chosen by quality and good performances, not by cash and kickbacks from Disney…
While I am happy, I am shocked that Passions’ Juliet Mills (Tabitha Lenox) got a nomination… I love Juliet, she is amazing, but she did not do anything last year… and definitely not as Lead Actress… maybe the year Josh Ryan Evans died and Tabitha had to deal with Timmy’s death… those were intense scenes… I wonder what she submitted this year, it must’ve been huge…
And of course Deidre Hall (Dr. Marlena Evans) is screwed out of a nomination becuase God-forbid NBC gets more than one acting nomination a year
8 Lead Actress nominations and no Dee Hall? Ugh… the Daytime Emmys are seriously screwed up and their attempts at fixing it the last 2 years has not worked at all…


I think these two commercials are hilarious… that fish, standing on its tail and just opening and closing its mouth, its so funny and then the people slowly backing away… lol… and how about that one Citi Card commercial where they are at the reading of a will or whatever and the guy gets slapped in the back of the head… lol


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