American Idol, Lost, Alias

Man am I pissed… Melinda Lira was NOT the worst singer last night… She was so shocked and upset, it was heartbreaking… she did not deserve to go home today…

Okay… my rant begins… first off, this 6 men, 6 women system they have this year is unfair… becuase most of the women were a whole lot better than even the best guys… I think the women are still stronger than the men, and at least 4 of them will be screwed becuase they want it to be “even” …

I completely agree with Melinda’s comment about how some of the contestants got so much more exposure than others who weren’t even seen before they sang last night or Monday… Some contestants have already built up fanbases and garnered sympathy becuase of their situations… we had one freakin’ month of auditions that were completely unnecessary… they included all the little vignettes about their lives (oo… “I’m a school teacher”… ooo “I left my band to be on Idol” … ooo “They said I would never speak again” … ooo “I’m hyper and annoying because I’m on drugs”)

Maybe a two-hour special showing auditions is enough because the point of American Idol is… or should be… America choosing the next great singer based on their talent and singing ability… not based on sympathy or becuase they donated a million dollars to a charity or they have a kid or anything like that…

Some people have gone into this week with a huge disadvantage of not having 1 minute of screen time before this week… but because American Idol is more about the “drama” than the actual “Search for a Superstar”… ugh… said it well:

Because of the freak show format of the audition telecasts, which generally pass over the best candidates in favor of people who show up to mug for the camera, some of the Top 24 are still a bit mysterious. Viewers have gotten only limited time with the likes of Melinda Lira, Jared Yates and the fantastically named Aloha Mischeaux. Those contestants have to be at a disadvantage to those whose stories were deemed more worthy of an elaborate package. Already, fans have been to church with David Brown, followed Vonzell Solomon on her postal route and learned more about Anthony Fedorov’s trachea than was entirely necessary.

I agree with Sarah going home, she was not very good at all… Janay should have gone before Melinda… What the hell is so special about Mikalah? She is annoying, a bitch, she’s ugly, she can’t sing… why the hell is she still there? Judd Harris was entertaining, and his performance was a lot better than most of the other guys… that other guy, Jared, he really deserved to go…

Okay… now on to good shows…
And she speaks!! Sun finally spoke English to everyone, but when she was talking to Jin in English, did he understand her? lol… that kid, Walt, he is freaky… he made the raft burn with his mind, most likely… Locke is freaky, but in a good way… he knows everything… Jack has gotten really annoying lately… the “moral” one… ugh… and FINALLY, we get Hurley’s episode next week! can’t wait…

Sark and Anna are back! I really want them to get back to the apocalypse and the battle with Sydney and Nadia and the Rambaldi stuff and all those things… lol… And there is a huge possibility that IRINA DEREVKO will be back on the season finale… I think Lena Olin might have finally given in… yay!


What do you think?

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