Darn you Bob Knight! lol + American Idol + Veronica Mars

AARGH! Close, close game… darn you Bob Knight! lol … anyway… it was a close game the whole time, Texas Tech has definitely improved from last year… But the LONGHORNS need to get it together

Why aren’t there any really good male singers in America? Its crazy how much better the girls are… Most of the women tonight were better than even the best of the men… A woman will win AI this year… My favorites tonight (in order) Carrie Underwood, Amanda Avila, Celenra Rae, Lindsay Cardinale, Melinda Lira, and Jessica Sierra… all very good… Vonzell Solomon and Nadia Turner will be next… then after a big gap; Janay, Sarah, and Aloha… and then after an even bigger gap… Mikala or however you spell it… I am one of the 50% who find her annoying, and I am one of the 100% who find Ryan, Simon, Paula, and Randy annoying…

The last full episode of VM I can watch before TAR starts next week… great show, too bad I can’t watch it… :(


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