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Today’s Watercooler entry… lol

Of course she is amazing in it… but the music sounds so fake, darn computers… but its okay, its not her album… just a single… and her voice is what’s important anyway… however, its only being released in Hawaii Taco Bells and Pizza Huts… just like Love Ko To was only released in Philippine McDonalds… I’ll have to call some family in Hawaii soon… lol

Speaking of Idols, the 24 were decided today… I’m still pissed that Sharon Galvez was cut yesterday, she had an amazing voice… very, very powerful… but oh well… I think of the 24, my early favorites are Carrie Underwood, Melinda Lira, Jessica Sierra, Anthony Federov, and Mario Vazquez… but knowing my luck since season 2, none of them will win…
And some poll at the Idol website has Clay with 59% and Diana with 20+% as people’s favorite Idol with Kelly only getting 6% and Justin Moptop getting 5%… wtf? I can’t believe people still like him… and the two latest Idols are the last two favorites… lol… looks like America made great decisions the last 2 years!

Okay… so Sawyer killed Jack’s father? Was Jack’s father the guy selling shrimp? Or the guy at the bar? Or both? I’ll have to go read some recaps tomorrow and find out… John Locke is so good… he knows everything about everything… Charlie and Claire are slowly getting back to know each other… The end was funny, showing the rest of the characters not focused on for 5 seconds… and Boone and Shannon are the least shown characters on the show… can’t wait for Hurley’s episode…

Saw some of the show tonight… A little more… gory than I knew… you saw the hole in the old guy’s head after he was shot… And Sydney and that girl fell from the top of the yacht onto a metal awning and then onto the deck… and they easily get up… gotta love Alias’ sense of realism… lol… I don’t get what happened between Sloane and Sydney at the end though… Danny and Francie… is it possible they could still be alive? If The WB’s Summerland does well, then Francie stays dead (Merrin Dungey’s on the show)… and I heard Bradley Cooper may come back, but he’s on Jack & Bobby now…

I was expecting more of Dr. Phil’s angry screaming at TAR’s Jonathan & Victoria but he didn’t… he just seemed annoyed with them… nothing really came out of the “intervention”

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