Lost and Alias – JJ Abrams Block

Since the show started, I got the feeling “something” was going on between Boone and Shannon… I thought romantically but I didn’t think JJ Abrams would go there with a brother and sister… and now we learn they were only stepbrother and stepsister… At first I thought Locke had just set up a trap and Shannon hadn’t been taken by the “dinosaur” … but I was definitely surprised that it was all some drug-induced hallucination… interesting… Locke definitely has some kind of magical power or something… lol… And when will they find Claire and that freaky dead looking guy?
Overall a great episode, but as a Boone/Shannon focus ep, it wasn’t as insightful as the other ones… so next week we get the Michael/Walt/Vincent focus episode… and then we should get Hurley’s focus… I think Vincent, the dog, definitely has something to do with the island… maybe he morphs into the monster… what a great show

The 2nd part of the Abrams block on ABC Wednesday… I thought it was a weak episode especially after last week… I felt like there wasn’t any progression of the storyline except for Weiss joining APO… from what I’ve been reading however, the next few weeks should be very, very good…
12:08AM – Jennifer Garner is sooo cute on Leno right now… and of course looking beautiful as always… but why the hell did Matt LeBlanc just interrupt Jen’s time??

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