Alias is Back!

What an episode… “At last…”? is that an inside joke? … APO, Authorized Personnel Only… “You four have been recruited…” is this an episode of Power Rangers? I have a feeling I’ll hear that quote on the February 5th of Power Rangers: SPD (Sh!tty Pissy Dorks)…

Anyway… JJ Abrams threw in his trademark twists several times during the episode, it almost felt like a pilot episode of a new series, yet it felt like the return of one of my favorite shows… Of course Sydney and Jack wouldn’t stay mad at each other… of course Jack would save Sydney… of course Marshall will crack jokes every chance he can… of course Sydney and Vaughn would get back together… of course Irina would somehow be the bad guy again… of course Sloane would be part of the new team… of course Sydney wouldn’t fall out of the train…..

It seems so predictable, yet so unpredictable and still incredibly cool and awesome and amazing… ALIAS mixes so many different elements of television: action, drama, soap opera, comedy, adventure… beautiful people (Jennifer Garner was looking hot as always)

Wednesdays from 8PM to 10PM will be a great two hours of television… I’m looking forward to the new season… judging from the season premiere, it will definitely be a lot better than last season…

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