Lost, Bulong, Krystala, The Apprentice

<IMG style="WIDTH: 85px; HEIGHT: 123px" height=188 src="http://mozcom.com/~gpbts/magazine/images/rizal.jpg&quot; width=127 td
c u r r e n t l y r e a d i n g
Noli Me Tangere and El Fillibusterismo
By Jose Rizal

aww… they’ve decided to scrap the single tower suspension Bay Bridge and chosen this “viaduct” design like San Mateo and Dumbarton… darn… how un-iconic… and plain for the Bay Area with its “radical” views…

anyway… great LOST this week… come on, of course they weren’t going to kill off Charlie… and THE APPRENTICE, it was hilarious seeing John (yay!), Raj and Elizabeth goofing off while Kelly was at his precious laptop… lol and Pamela (yay!)… she should’ve been in the final 2 with John… darn… damn you Trump, stop being so overly cocky… lol… TAR can beat Apprentice’s ass anytime… lol, but its still a good show…

hmm… nothing else… oh yeah… how funny is it to see STAR CIRCLE QUEST Grand Questor Hero Angeles on the low, low budget (but high budget in Peso terms) ABS-CBN drama KRYSTALA as some cyborg robot… and that figety kid from Star Circle Kid Quest… he used to be hyper all the time, he couldn’t stop moving… I was surprised to see him, what happened to Nash Aguas? I thought he won… what’s he doing now? I think I want to watch BECUZ OF U with Hero and Sandara…

oh and ABS-CBN is trying to make the next “Ring” and “Grudge” (you know, make an Asian horror film and hope that an American studio will pick it up and make it into a blockbuster? Its called BULONG: SPIRIT OF GLASS and it has Marvin Augustin, hmm has he done anything not funny? … I think the movie has to do with the Philippine version of the Ouijia (sp?) board… ABS-CBN says :“As the glass moves towards letters, what’s set into motion is a series of unholy events that alter lives – both from this and beyond!” … we’ll see…


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