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I still have to watch my LOST episode for this week, but I did catch the last 10 minutes and during the commercial break was a commercial for….


Awesome scene with some guy who I guess is holding Sydney hostage or whatever:
The Guy: “What’s your name?”
Syd: “I’m uh…
Guy: “Ima?”
Syd: “I’m a gonna kick you ass”

Classic! And Jennifer Garner is looking as fine as ever… wtf is she doing with Ben Affleck? lol

A hilarious TAR related comment… someone at SURVIVOR SUCKS said something about how Jon (of Kris and Jon) does everything “cool” like he’s “hip”… “Everything Jon does has a ‘hip’ component” like when he seems to be cool and laid back… anyway… someone else replied by saying if Jonathan continues abusing Victoria, she’ll need a ‘hip’ component… lolol that was hilarious…

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