Power Rangers SPD Press Release

Less than 4 hours away from THE AMAZING RACE 6

Here are a couple of TV news tidbits:
ABC has scheduled ALIAS to air Wednesdays at 9PM after LOST (it’ll be JJ Abrams night with the two hours). The season premiere will be two hours on Wednesday, January 5th.

FEAR FACTOR will have a special reality stars edition in February with Amazing Race‘s Reichen, my 2nd fave 1st season Idol Nikki McKibbin, Survivor‘s Ethan and Jenna, Apprentice comedian Omarosa, and some Bachelor guy.

And some PR news, here is the official ABC press release about the impending crapfest that is Power Rangers: SPD. To prove that it will be a crapfest, there is some half human/half cat girl, some aliens as rangers, and their leader is a half human/half dog… and to be shallow, this cast looks ugly, unlike DinoThunder‘s cast… lol

BURBANK, November 16, 2004 . . . Production has begun on the 13th edition of the world’s most popular kids’ action/adventure franchise, “Power Rangers,” and this season, the futuristic stories are set in outer space and on Planet Earth at the SPD Academy where both humans and aliens train to become the newest generation of mighty morphing Power Rangers. Featuring seven new Power Rangers including an alien life force, “Power Rangers: Space Patrol Delta” premieres in February 2005 during the JETIX programming block seen mornings on ABC Family and evenings on Toon Disney.

Bruce Kalish (“The Famous Jett Jackson”) and Greg Aronowitz join as executive producers. Koichi Sakamoto also serves as executive producer and Sally Campbell has been named producer.

With a reach far greater than any other kids TV franchise, “Power Rangers” is seen on two basic cable networks and one broadcast network in 21 timeslots (mornings and evenings) each week. It is also seen in 140 countries around the world. Off TV, “Power Rangers” dominates as the perennial favorite among boys with action figures and toys that, since 1993, continue to top the charts as the number one action figure brand. “Power Rangers” also span across multiple categories of consumer products including home videos/DVD titles, publishing, interactive and apparel and Power Rangers characters are also at Disney MGM theme park in Orlando.

All iterations of “Power Rangers” feature adventure, action, comedy and drama while teaching valuable lessons about the importance of working as a team. Stories are accented by the heroes’ extraordinary powers, martial arts, acrobatics, special effects and relatable young characters that, in addition to the growing pains most regular teenagers face, must work to triumph over evil.

Viewers of the finale episode of “Power Rangers DinoThunder” will get a special sneak peak of “Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta.” The “Power Rangers DinoThunder” finale premieres during JETIX on ABC Family SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20 (8:30 a.m., ET/PT), and during JETIX on Toon Disney SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21 (7:30 p.m., ET/PT).

“Power Rangers: Space Patrol Delta” launches with three protagonists: Bridge Carson, the Green Power Ranger; Schuyler “Sky” Tate, the Blue Power Ranger; and Sydney “Syd” Drew, the Pink Power Ranger. Before long, they are joined by rebellious teens Jack Landors, the Red Power Ranger and Elizabeth “Z” Delgado, the Yellow Power Ranger. Later in the storyline, a Black Power Ranger joins the team and for the first time ever, an alien life force joins as the White Power Ranger. For now, Jack, Z, Bridge, Sky and Syd are the second-tier prospects, or “B Squad”, at the elite SPD Academy which boasts state-of-the-art facilities and the best instructors to mentally and physically train prospective Power Rangers. Their acquired knowledge is tested regularly when they back up the elite “A Squad” Power Rangers.

When the “A Squad” Power Rangers are captured during an outer space mission, the “B Squad” Power Rangers are called up to protect Earth despite the great discord brewing among them. The “B Squad” Power Rangers each have an amazing attribute that sets them apart: Bridge, the Green Power Ranger, has psychic tracking abilities; Sky, the Blue Power Ranger, can create invisible force fields with his mind; and Syd, the Pink Power Ranger, can turn her hands into any element she touches. Jack, the Red Power Ranger, can de-molecularize and pass through any object and Z, the Yellow Power Ranger, can duplicate herself.

Their commander is Anubis “Doggie” Cruger, an extraterrestrial who has physical characteristics of both a human and a dog. He was a onetime member of the Space Patrol Delta Squadron and is the sole survivor from his native star planet, Sirius, which was taken over by Troobian invaders and a devious warlord, Emperor Gruumm. Now, Anubis knows the danger that looms — the Troobian’s next target is Earth.

Among the other characters are Dr. Katherine “Kat” Manx, an alien with cat-like features who is in charge of all research and design for Power Rangers gadgets; her assistant Boom who was rejected by the academy; Robotic Interactive Canine (RIC), a robotic dog with a mission to defend and support the Power Rangers; 10-year-old bad seed Mora, the right-hand operative to Emperor Gruumm; Morgana, the adult counterpart to Mora; Omni, a Troobian creature who survives in an artificial environment and Piggy, a turncoat informant for the Power Rangers.

Starring are Brandon Jay McLaren as Jack/Red Power Ranger; Chris Violette as Sky/Blue Power Ranger; Matt Austin as Bridge/Green Power Ranger; Monica May as Z/Yellow Power Ranger; Alycia Purrott as Syd/Pink Power Ranger; John Tui as Anubis “Doggie” Cruger; Rene Naufahu as Emperor Gruumm; Michelle Langstone as Dr. Katherine ‘Kat’ Manx; Kelson Henderson as Boom and Barnie Duncan as Piggy.

“Power Rangers: Space Patrol Delta” is produced in studio and on location in Auckland, New Zealand. It is from Ranger Productions Ltd.

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