Lost Jasmine Trio

Another good episode of LOST tonight… and we got the signature Abrams episode ender with the music and the montage like we’ve seen in ALIAS

speaking of which, ABC better not dump it on some crappy timeslot now that Desperate Housewives premiered very well… darn it… maybe Mondays after MNF is over, as long as it doesn’t go up against CSI Miami, it’d get killed… then again 9pm against Raymond’s last season won’t be a good timeslot either… Wednesdays at 9pm after LOST? okay, as long as CBS doesn’t put TAR there

And I almost forgot to watch TV PATROL today… after one top story, they had JASMINE‘s arrival in the Philippines… I think as soon as she went outside NAIA, it was BREAKING NEWS… you can’t get anymore superstar than that… They talked to her in Makati, then had her and her Lolo in Cavite communicate with the video hookup… She was so cute trying to spreak in Tagalog, but all she could say was “Maraming, maraming salamat po” lol and “Mabuhay…” Then they had a special guest come and give her flowers… Ronald McDonald, the Filipino version… I think a subtle reminder that Love Ko ‘To is now available at all McDonald’s when you buy the Jasmine Trio I think its called: a strawberry shake, fries, and then the CD

The new commercial has Jasmine eating her fries and strawberry shake with her CD with the note “Jasmine not included”… lol
Her father’s hometown in Cavite will have a parade for her when they go there next week

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