The Apprentice is back!

It’s back! The 2nd best reality show on television returns with its 2nd season… and what a season premiere… def better contestants this year, more people to love or hate… that Stacie J… what the hell was up with her? she can’t be compared to Omarosa, because Omarosa was hilarious… Stacie J is just a psyho…

I thought Pamela was funny, and seemed like a strong leader, esp for the guys… definitely rooting for her and John and Jenn M, the San Francisco kids… though John is really the only one who grew up in the Bay Area…

should be a good season

oh yeah, good tennis yesterday too, too bad Roddick’s out but he had a good comeback 3rd and 4th sets… Capriati isn’t playing too well, i guess no Americans in the US Open final 🙁

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