Mini-recap Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 15 – Leader of the Whack

lol… non stop guests for two straight days… fun stuff

anywayz… a mini-mini prdt review for LEADER OF THE WHACK (i still don’t get why that’s the ep’s title, what does it have to do with anything?)

it was a funny filler… ethan the jock, conner the smart “nerd,” and kira the girly girl that lives at the mall… not to mention “geeky” cassidy and “travolta” devin? … a HUGE plus was less trent, and almost no tommy oliver… the less of the two, the better the episode…

james, kevin, and emma (who by the way, and ive told joan and marissa this before, looks hot whatever her hair color, style, whatever) did a great job with their character’s inner selves… lol

but wtf to ppl who enjoyed the trent/kira interaction… wtf? are they on the same drugs simon, randy, and paula are on?  probably

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