Major upsets

FIRST OF ALL!!! CBS IS NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THE 6TH SEASON OF THE AMAZING RACE!!!!  Which is a very good indication that they’ll pick it up for another season to premiere as early as this fall!!!

Had a great time in Benicia! lol

But a BAD, HORRIBLE, BAD time watching some major upsets yesterday.  Cinderellas my butt. 

Well there go my brackets… they practically fell apart one by one… WTF happened to Gonzaga?  They choked as much as the Raiders did in the Super Bowl!  And Texas Tech, ugh… And Syracuse, they already have their win… At least the LONGHORNS and Duke won.

And of course the heartbreaker, the Cardinals losing by 3 when they had led by 13, THIRTEEN!!!  I was on the edge of my seat the last few seconds, with the knowledge of STANFORD’s previous last-second wins.  When ALABAMA’s Shelton missed those two free throws, I thought they had OT in the bag,… But alas… the ball couldn’t find its way in the hoop.

Exciting game, bad outcome.    Well I guess here’s to KENTUCKYand TEXAS in the championship.

Oh yeah, PRDT just keeps getting better and better.  Connor/Kira shipper!! WTH is a shipper?

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