The Amazing Race Insider Clips for Philippines!

In Phil‘s diaries this week, he talks about the “unique” Jeepneys

On THE AMAZING RACE INSIDER, Kim says she is much more appreciative of LA air because of the pollution she experienced in Manila… she says she wouldn’t be able to stay in Manila for more than a week with that kind of air, her allergies would start acting up, her eyes are watering… I wonder how they felt when they first got that BLAST of hot, polluted air once they left their airport

Brandon & Nicole discuss the traffic in the Philippines… lol… and how you can’t change lanes if you wanted to… first of all, THERE ARE NO FREAKIN’ TRAFFIC LANES! and 2nd… they probably didnt see the worst of it… lol

I’m still after watching last night

Here are some great photos from of the CARABAO and the RICE FIELDS in Victoria, Laguna, Philippines:

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