The Amazing Race Philippines Rumors

Well the coutdown to TAR in the Philippines continues

There is a rumor that Gloria Arroyo’s daughter Luli will be with Phil greeting the teams at the first Philippine pit stop in Manila.

And the funniest rumor going around is that the detour will be choosing between BALUT or PANCIT
I can hear it now…. Phil: “A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this detour teams will have to choose between – Balut or Pancit… Long Noodles or Little Chicken… A Lotta Pancit or A Little Balut…
in Little Chicken, both team members have to eat a Balut, a boiled egg. What the teams don’t know is that the egg is (hmm… I don’t know, how would you describe it?)… The teams may not be used to this Philippine delicacy, but if they muster up the courage, they can finish the small egg in a small amount of time…. In Long Noodles teams will have to finish a huge platter of Pancit, another Philippine dish… it may taste better than the balut, but teams may take a long time to finish the huge portion….
i dunno

How about Dinuguan/Dinardaraan? (“What is this made out of?” “Pork blood”)

I can’t wait! 9 more days till the teams head to the Philippines!

THE PASSION OF CONNER premieres tomorrow at 11:30AM on ABC Family after the Legacy of the Battlizer Marathon

I finally got to see Sandara’s Maalaala Mo Kaya today on KTSF (I could’ve seen it weeks ago if we had TFC … pretty good, I liked seeing SCQ moments I never saw before

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