Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 8 – “I’m going to jail.”

HAHAHA… They passed Colin and Christie… lol then their spare tire blows… Colin was being an a$$hole to the taxi driver, and then to Kami and Karli… but then Kami and Karli (who could’ve redeemed themselves from being so stupid by helping the moms) were bitches to the moms… Hey, its a race, but I would’ve helped.

Moving on to the airport… Nikki, stop, you’re making yourself look selfish… and what the hell is Colin saying to Christie? “Why are you making this difficult?” HELLO b!tch! you’re arguing with the freakin’ police! How is Christie making things difficult? “You can bring the president of your country down here, I’m not giving you $100. Hakuna Matata.” SHUT UP! Hell yeah he’s abusive and belligerent… he verbally attacks Christie and Mirna tells TVGuide Online that he physically threatened her and tripped her at the airport… I’m surprised that didn’t make TV… but TAR doesn’t need crap like that to entertain.

The Moms are jsut invincible, overcoming any obstacle that they come across… good for them… Kami and Karli just never stop with the stupid decisions, but I’m glad that allowed Brandon and Nicole to get ahead… lol… Off-roading looked hella cool, but I would’ve sky dived… Chip and Kim, Chip definitely is different now than he was the first few legs… I like them too… that whole sequence of the off roading and skydiving was awesome… freakin’ amazing, one of TAR’s best, most action packed moments…

Why no road blocks?

Well, Colin and Christie arrived first, the most undeserving team ever… well that’s ok, they’re setting themselves up for disaster…

looks like the 2nd FF next week… cut off all their hair? well, that would be no problem for Chip, but I don’t think Kim would really want to do that lol…

Definitely one of the best episodes of the season…

All right… After episode/leg 8:

My latest BB4 blurbs… Diane, stop swinging to both sides cuz it will bite you in the behind for sure… GOOD BYE Cowboy! You just jinxed yourself! I’m still rooting for the Twin alliance, yeah including Diane.
Hmm… quick rankings:

What was she talking about?!

Just saw The Early Show, what was up with Rene saying Mirna wasn’t pulling her weight? I remember last year when she tried to interview Monica and Sheree but you could tell she knew nothing about the show… lol</FONT

Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 7 – “Are you sure this is safe?”


I think TAR5 is quickly moving up the list, its already better than TAR4 and probably better than TAR2. No, wait.. it IS better than TAR2.

All right, let’s go in order. The first blooper of TAR I’ve ever seen with Charla and Mirna opening the clue, that’s like bonus features on the DVD… The Moms are lucky with delayed flights… I love it when they run cuz the hardest working cameramen in the world have to catch up and just makes the show even better, REAL…

Damn, Colin‘s a bitch… well Christie‘s one too… that stupid crap at the airport reminded me of TAR1 when the Guidos pushed Nancy out of the way to prevent them from getting on the plane, loved how Charla just ran under their arms… lol… and of course “BITCH, move out of the way!”Brandon and Nikki, love how they always just ally with people to get tickets or info… it was hilarious when they were hiding in the office, Mirna telling the ticket agent not to help the others had flashes of Flo at the airport… Kami and Karli were actually likeable tonight, but they continued to be their dumb selves at the airport… they were complaining about how they made the stupidest decision, well they’ve been making stupid decisions the whole race!

The buses were like The India Trains 2… instead of groping women, the guys just took their money… Brandon‘s a good guy… GO BRANDON AND NIKKI!… Nikki was awesome when she threw that bill on the ground… good for her, but I do agree with Brandon that it wasn’t safe I mean that guy looked like he was about to knock their asses to the ground… but $100, $150 for a freakin’ bus?!?!? they should’ve forced their way off of the bus… the others paid $3 or $5 each!

I’m surprised not one team did the bee detour… It was nice when the family gave Chip & Kim some food… geez another food road block, but its only a freakin’ egg… Colin showed just how big of a wuss he was, gag reflexes whatever… and what the hell were they doing with the eggs? They can’t put egg yolk in a bowl without spilling it all over the mat? Chip ruled it, of course, Chip & Kim just rule on the food road blocks, they’re first again… good for them… I was afraid Brandon and Nikki were going home (or sequestering at least), but they were ok… I thought for sure it was going to be a non-elim, which means the next leg will be non-elim then. they pulled a fast one on us…

You gotta love a team that can make the Philiminator cry… he was getting choked up! I hated them at first, but they slowly became a funny, enjoyable team… I mean, Mirna is freakin’ hilarious as a “bitch”… (“Have you ever done anyone else a favor? to do us a favor?) does anyone know what that meant? No, but it was funny…

THROW COLIN IN JAIL!!! hahahahaha, kinda like when Andre & Damon were “detained” in TAR3…

My rankings after episode/leg 7:
3. tie
distant 6.

And some random BB4 musings…
Aww… aren’t Drew and Diane sweet… lol that was so funny when Drew looked down at Diane’s hand and then put his on hers… lol… I’m with the Twin alliance, loved Adria’s rant… very good… Will’s annoying now, but he was ok when he won the luxury competition with Drew and Diane.

Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 6 – “Why Can’t We Get a Camel?”

Another amazing episode… Egypt has to be one of the best destinations the race has ever been to. Great job to the Moms for being able to get back in the race after having NO money, and getting driven to the wrong airport AGAIN… loved when they saw the tourist bus arriving and they said “We’ve hit the mother load!” lol…

Kami and Karli were less annoying today, actually pretty funny, but still dumb… “Is this dried poop?” Brandon & Nicole are still my picks to win… Chip & Kim are okay, liking them more… Colin & Christie, damn I wanted to see them lose their 7 hour lead, which they did, but lose it so much that were eliminated or close to being eliminated… glad that the dough boys are finally eliminated or quit, whichever… but he did have a bum knee

Charla was hilarious just walking down the shaft while everyone has to hunch over and walk sideways… AMAZING cinemetography at the dig site at the temple, loved the camera work… probably one of the best road blocks in the show’s history… something like that would’ve previously been a detour… the goats were hilarious…

I can’t wait for next week… I may be watching 24 hours of Olympic coverage, but Tuesdays at 10:00PM my TV will definitely be on Ch.5 and not Ch. 3… “Bitch, move out of the way!” Go Charla! lol

My rankings after leg six:
1. Brandon & Nicole
2. Linda & Karen
3. Chip & Kim
4. Charla & Mirna
5. Kami & Karli
6. Colin & Christie
7. Marshall & Lance

Oh yeah, JASE IS GOING DOWN!!! lol

Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 5 – “Are You Good at Puzzles?”

WOW, that had to be the best episode of THE AMAZING RACE this season, maybe one of the best of the entire series…

So much stuff happening… Colin & Christie’s major lead… I don’t like ’em or hate ’em, but good job… I think the FF has new “rules” now that there are only 2 on the whole race… before it used to be you should use it only when you have to… now if you have the chance to use it, use it…

Kami & Karli have to be the dumbest contestants ever… they would’ve been last if Chip wasn’t so nice… Chip kinda redeemed himself in my eyes when he helped Brandon & Nicole, but thumbs down to helping the twins… the Bowling Moms Linda & Karen were lucky today… very lucky… being able to catch the plane, and then have the leg be the non-elim leg, i had a feeling at the beginning of the ep that it would be non-elim, but i was still surprised at the end of the ep…

Marshall & Lance just keep getting annoying… Brandon & Nicole are still my pick to win, they’re the new Flo & Zach, except without the fighting… i thought the last team on a non-elim leg would only get their money taken away, i didn’t know they wouldn’t get money on the next leg either… that’s harsh, but you can always ask people, it always works…

Great episode

My rankings after leg five:

1. Brandon & Nicole
2. Linda & Karen
3. Charla & Mirna
4. Chip & Kim
5. Colin & Christie
6. Marshall & Lance
7. Kami & Karli

Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episodes 1-4

Well I’m finally caught up on all my shows… including TAR… damn all my teams have been eliminated one by one! First Dennis and Erika, then Jim and Marsha, and last night Bob and Joyce… so I guess I’m rooting for the Christians Brandon and Nicole… lol

My rankings after LEG ONE: Bob/Joyce > Jim/Marsha > Dennis/Erika > Brandon/Nicole > Linda/Karen > Marshall/Lance > Alison/Donny > Colin/Christie > Charla/Mirna > Chip/Kim > Kami/Karli

After LEG TWO: Bob/Joyce > Jim/Marsha > Brandon/Nicole > Alison/Donny > Colin/Christie > Linda/Karen > Charla/Mirna > Marshall/Lance > Kami/Karli > Chip/Kim

After LEG THREE: Bob/Joyce > Jim/Marsha > Brandon/Nicole > Colin/Christie > Linda/Karen > Charla/Mirna > Kami/Karli > Marshall/Lance > Chip/Kim

After LEG FOUR: Bob/Joyce > Brandon/Nicole > Linda/Karen > Colin/ Christie > Charla/Mirna > Kami/Karli > Marshall/Lance > Chip/Kim

Other than Brandon/Nicole, there aren’t any other teams for me to root for… Chip is so annoying, but Kim’s okay… Kami/Karli and Marshall/Lance are annoying too, but are more tolerable… Mirna is crazy, but I’ve managed to get used to it…

I’m very excited to have THE AMAZING RACE on for six straight months! and the 7th season is on the way!

Finally the Philippines!

Yay, rumors/spoilers are saying that FINALLY, FINALLY, THE AMAZING RACE will be heading to the PHILIPPINES!
good luck with the Manila traffic!! lol… well they’ve already experienced it but they probably had fun… lol

It only took 4 seasons… lol
Leg 11 – Coconut Palace, Philippines (in Manila)
Leg 12 – Lagen Island Resort, Philippines (in El Nido, Palawan)

No rice terraces in Ifugao? No getting dragged by carabaos in the RICE fields?

But anywayz, this is great news!! Very exciting! I am soo ready for THE AMAZING RACE

I had an 8 hour tape…

Very touching eulogies this morning… I remember reading those about those stories BushOne included in his eulogy.

Hmm… so tomorrow at 8:30AM Bully for Ethan will air, and on Sunday at 10:30AM after the Made-in-Japan-athon, Lost and Found in Translation will air. Two new PRDT eps in one weekend… very nice, lol…

Darn… TAR isn’t going to air on AXN in the Philippines, so I guess I will have to record the first 3 episodes. Hopefully the power here won’t go out or something and erase all the stuff… I remember when we went to Seattle, I wanted to see the edited version of The 10th Kingdom that was going to air on NBC that weekend. I had an 8 hour tape, and not one single minute recorded, even though I had set it on Thursday… ahh, its ok I have the DVDs…

The Amazing Race 5 Team Reveal First Thoughts

BUSH-CHENEY = 4 MORE YEARS! :D Going to try to finish reading, maybe in the Philippines:
Reflections: Life After the White House
By Barbara Bush
hopefully in the Philippines 😀

Well the team announcement on The Early Show this morning didn’t give much insight. I don’t think I have a pre-race favorite yet, maybe Bob & Joyce…  I always root for the “older” teams… season 1 had the sweet couple David and Margaretta… season 2 had the “gutsy grannies”… and of course season 3’s runners-up, the hilarious Teri and Ian… (they’ll have several quote of the days…lol)  I definitely know I have a pre-race least favorite… Allison and Donny… ewe… stupid slut…lol
GO TO to read more about the new teams and vote in the pre-race polls!

The Amazing Race 5 RANT

Okay first off

That’s partly good news… Now my rant…  First off, JULY 6?!?!?! That pits two episodes in direct competition with NBC’s Olympic coverage in August, two episodes what will be completely KILLED in the ratings… and no doubt the Olympics will generate a little more hype that TAR, just a hunch. 

Second, it turns out that Allison Irwin, the bitchy slut from Big Brother 4 will be a contestant with her psycho smiling boyfriend Donny.  If anyone was unlucky enough to watch even some of BB4, you know why having Allison on is a VERY, VERY BAD THING… And CBS intentionally did this in addition to pairing it with Big Brother on Tuesdays at 10:00PM!!!  BB is crap!  I’m surprised the FCC hasn’t done something to stop it.  If I were Bruckheimer, I’d want to distance myself as far away as I can from BB.  Big Brother is moles of light years away from an Emmy-winning, critically acclaimed show like THE AMAZING RACE.

TAR is actually the one reality show that families can watch, unless its okay to have 5-10 year old kids watch a gay naked guy on Survivor.  So 10PM is not only a very inconvieniet time (even in the Summer), but a very unusual move.

Third, TWISTS?!?!?  Who said TAR needed twists.  Survivor needs twists because after a while, watching half naked people sitting around, dirty, doing nothing on a deserted island gets pretty boring… and other reality shows need twists because America has a fascination with seeing people suffer, get put down, get hurt (physically, emotionally), humiliated, degraded, have sex on the air, get bitch slapped, and have a whole lot of other “mean” things done to them.  TAR was different because they didn’t have all that crap.  Even THE APPRENTICE doesn’t have twists.  Get the job done or you’re fired.  And now its the 2nd most watched show on television.

The two new twists were probably forced by CBS to “boost viewership,” most likely the demos, teens and young adults love the torture.  Both twists just aim to screw a team over.  First, in the non-elimination legs, the last team gets all their money taken away.  I’m sure the $1 legs are still in play so what happens then?  Emergency fund?  Beg?  Steal?  Puhleeze

Second, the YIELD option to slow down another team that may be close to you.  Several drawbacks; the YIELD could guarantee a team’s Philimination.  And it may not be used to get ahead, it could be used just because you hate someone.  Which basically screws a team over. 

The only way a team could be screwed, before, would be if they missed a connecting flight or made a stupid mistake.  That was part of TAR’s charm, it didn’t need to resort to all that garbage to be enjoyable and entertaining.  AND WIN AN EMMY… the first one of the genre, but it was really a no-brainer considering what the reality genre is filled with.

So I’ll probably think of more things to rant about… and while I am EXTREMELY excited  that TAR is finally back, I am also praying that these moves don’t ultimately KILL my 2nd favorite show of all time.