Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 39 – Goodbye Ore!

Ex-Aid 39

Hiiro checks on his patient Taiga and is very respectful, using honorifics and everything. Nico and Emu come in and comment how it’s very strange to hear. Taiga tells Hiiro to just go back to how they were before. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 38 – Period with Tears

Ex-Aid 38

It’s 7:45pm. Taiga is rushed to the hospital and must undergo emergency surgery. Emu helps with the initial examination in the operating room and the other doctor says Taiga’s condition is so bad, only Kagami-sensei could do this surgery.
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Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 37 – Resolution of the White Knight!

Ex-Aid 37

Hiiro can’t fathom the idea of killing Emu. He’s a doctor, he does not kill people. Papa Dan expected that reaction, which is why he proposes Hiiro instead target Parado. If Parado is eliminated, Emu will be cured of Game Disease thus lose compatibility and the ability to henshin.
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Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 36 – Perfect Invincible Gamer!

Ex-Aid 36

Papa Dan invites everyone to come to Seito District 9 tomorrow at noon to face off against Chronus and win the ultimate power that can save humanity. Prospective Ride Players believe that means the power to resurrect dead people so they all log on to Amazon Japan to order Chronicle with same day shipping. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 35 – Rescue the Partner

Ex-Aid 35

Papa Dan says they need more players for Chronicle so they can have more lives to control. He explains to Hiiro that the era of using medicine to sustain lives is over. Now, he will be the administrator of lives using video games which he will have complete control over. Continue reading

Good Ol' Review: Brutal and Mostly Fun Kamen Rider Heisei Generations

Kamen Rider Hesei Generations

LOTS of spoilers.

This year’s Kamen Rider Movie War was mostly a fun endeavor with some brutal and bloody battles. But it ends in one of the worst possible ways it could ever end. More on that later.
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Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 34 – Accomplished Rebirth!

Ex-Aid 34

Director Kagami can’t believe Hiiro would betray them all like this. Poppy thinks he must have some good reason and remembers Papa Dan has the Prototo Gashats with all the dead body datas in them. They all realize Hiiro must want to resurrect Saki.
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