Check-in Review: TV5's Beki Boxer Deserves To Be a Hit

No spoilers. For my First Impression Review, click here and for my Hindsight Review, click here.

TV5’s Beki Boxer should really be the biggest show in the Philippines today. And it is an injustice that it is not.

My first impression of Beki Boxer was that it was a “fun and hilariously charming little series” that had “plenty of heart to go along with the abundant laughs.”

And that certainly has not changed after 43 episodes. If anything, the show has only gotten better. It has been fun, dramatic, exciting, hilarious and best of all, sincerely heartwarming.

Beki Boxer may be the first Filipino drama in a long time with genuine heart. From the sacrifices Rocky and his family make for each other to the sincere friendships that Rocky has with everyone from his secret crush Atong to the old, skinny corpse-looking, but smart Dedz at the dump site, you can’t help but feel a tug of the heartstrings.

The series balances all of its moving parts very well. The dramatic and emotional moments are affecting. The comedic moments are absolutely hilarious.

Beki Boxer is relatable. It doesn’t force any kind of agenda or try to be some melodramatic high-brow drivel. It is a daily half hour of enjoyable and fulfilling television.

While other primetime dramas try to be forced, overproduced or high concept or aim to churn out hollow quotables that netizens can turn into memes, Beki Boxer focus on a pure, good clean fun story. And it accomplishes much more in quality and entertainment with its sincere simplicity and abundance of heart than any of the other options out there.

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