Mini-Recap: Netflix’s “Physical: 100” – Episodes 5 and 6

Physical 100 Episode 5 and 6 Recap

This week’s pair of episodes of Physical: 100 were definitely much better than last week’s. And perhaps Episode 6 might have been the best, most exciting and most exhausting episode so far. A perfect example of how this series is very different from its comparable western counterparts.

Let’s start with Episode 5 first. It essentially wrapped up Quest 2. And unlike the first Quest, the show was able to edit these three face-offs in a much better way. Of course, it’s a different beast considering Quest 1 involved 50 one-on-one face-offs. But it’s also because Quest 2 had many more variables that allowed each of the three matches to play out differently. And each one had their own exciting and fun moments.

Physical 100 Episode 5 and 6 Recap

Nonetheless, it was an overall win for the underdogs. Which was definitely exciting, contrary to what some of the perceived “stronger” teams were saying about needing to have only them survive.

Quest 2 definitely had a great mix of strategy and strength. Also a bit of endurance as the last two matches saw the players pushing themselves more and more. To the point that the winning teams’ chutes were almost filled to the top.

A highlight though was seeing Choo Sunghoon crawling on his knees on the bridge. A touch of veteran quickness to adapt to the task at hand.

Quest 2 ended up being a bloodbath to some of the early favorites, including those who were actually fun to root for. Rather than ones who played up their confident and maybe cocky personalities for the camera.

Episode 5 wrapped up with some downtime fun for the players which played out a bit better than their initial arrival in their protein powder-filled rest area.

Physical 100 Episode 5 and 6 Recap

The big surprise though was the wildcard side Quest battle back challenge. A creative endurance task that had its own unique set of quirks that benefited some and hindered others. Considering the other tasks so far, I think this one was a fair way to welcome back five players. It was almost like a combination of bits and pieces from the tasks they’ve done so far. And the visual of that red room and hanging torsos was just captivating.

Physical 100 Episode 5 and 6 Recap

But the true highlight of these two episodes was definitely Quest 3. From the all previews and teasers, I was looking forward to this challenge the most. Again, a perfect example of how creative and high concept Physical: 100 has been compared to other series. And it definitely delivered.

First off, the players apparently didn’t learn from what happened with Quest 2 as many still underestimate their competitors during the alliance forming.

The challenge itself was absolutely grueling and exhausting. For both the players and the audience. It’s hard not to be on the edge of your seat while watching the teams perform the task. For the first team, it was all about getting a feel for all the possibilities the challenge would bring about. All the potential variables and mistakes as well as the unexpected successes really kept you glued to the screen.

For the second team, it was about comparing their strategy to the first. And wondering whether or not they’d be able to best them or just fall apart. It was great and added to the excitement seeing what were essentially the lap time comparisons for each point of the challenge between the two teams.

Physical 100 Episode 5 and 6 Recap

If there were a visual to best represent the series so far, it would be the scenes of the players absolutely exhausted and drenched in sweat as they tried pulling and pushing and willing the two-ton pirate ship across the sandy set. Again, some wonderful set and task design. So simple, yet so captivating and engaging at the same time.

The show mentioned how the task had a focus on strength. But it definitely wasn’t merely about physical strength. Again, teamwork and strategy came into play. And having the right mindset and trust in your teammates looked to help many players overcome any bit of exhaustion and frustration. The definition of “strength” is definitely being debated through the contestants’ performance. Wonderful to see!

Episode 6 is definitely my favorite episode so far. But at the same time, I think the first five episodes and all the character development and experiences the players have endured so far helped to make Quest 3 as impactful as it was.

Physical 100 Episode 5 and 6 Recap

Overall, Episodes 5 and 6 have been the best pair of episodes so far this season.

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