Music Monday, December 5, 2022 – “Cold” by Corbyn

Cory Hong, you are an amazing talent!

After releasing the excellent “Burn” a few weeks ago ahead of his upcoming album, Corbyn dropped another surprise last Friday. Simply put, “Cold” is absolutely stunning.

Today’s Music Monday needs to just focus on this incredible track. As always, Corbyn puts his heart and soul into his music. He is able to effortlessly draw you in to his emotions, no matter how high or how low. Passionate is an understatement when it comes to Corbyn’s performances. He expresses himself in such captivating ways.

“Cold” might have just become my favorite song of 2022. And maybe even my favorite song by Corbyn. SO FAR. We still have a couple more coming with this album. And of course even more after that.

Because a talent like Corbyn deserves to be heard and appreciated. And experienced! “Cold” is a haunting appeal to a loved one from someone fighting to overcome struggles. Corbyn conveys those complicated emotions with so much heart and sincerity. You just feel it and hear it through his music. And it’s no different with “Cold.”

As if I wasn’t excited already for his album, Our Static Seatbelt, “Cold” is just another reason to feel that way.

Not enough words to describe this feeling. Except, THANK YOU Corbyn for sharing your music with all of us.

Check out Corbyn’s “Cold” on Amazon Music:

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