Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 3 – Chance Encounter II: Zombie Hunting

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 3 Recap

Keiwa is recording himself talking about his DGP experience. Tsumuri suddenly pops into his room to remind him they are not allowed to tell anyone about it, but Keiwa says it’s just for his personal diary.

Keiwa asks where Taira-san is now. Tsumuri says only the Jyamato know. Next day, Keiwa visits Taira-san’s workplace to inquire about his whereabouts. He learns that his family has already filed a missing person’s report.

Meanwhile, Neon’s mother scolds her for being a livestreamer and tells her to just stay home and enjoy their wealth. She hates having strangers watching her daughter’s every move. But Neon doesn’t listen and heads out to do today’s broadcast.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 3 Recap

At school, Kanato is annoyed when his classmates excitedly squeal when they see Ace popping into Neon’s livestream.

Ace and Neon go to a café and he asks her why she streams her escape attempts from her home. She says it is to express herself in the hopes that her special someone will find her.

Neon’s bodyguards find her, but when they ask Ace for his autograph, she is able to run away. And just in time too as DGP players are called to the Temple for the start of the next round.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 3 Recap

Tsumuri explains that Round 2 will be a Zombie Survival Game. Three waves of Jyamato zombies will be arriving in the city so they must defeat them all. Players will accumulate points based on their actions and the one with the lowest score will be eliminated from life.

Tsumuri warns them about getting bit.

Michinaga and Ace agree to a bet. If Ace ranks higher, he will take Michinaga’s Buckle. If Michinaga is higher, he will take all of Ace’s.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 3 Recap

The players head out to face the first zombie wave. They henshin and each of them takes a different strategy. Keiwa focuses on getting civilians to safety and he gets a Boost Buckle as a reward.

Neon has trouble fighting the zombies. She asks Kanato for a little help, but he says no one would be dumb enough to do that during a competition like this. She can’t believe it. Ace pops in and suggests Neon aim for zombie head in order to finish them off. Ace and Neon end up battling zombies in a factory. He fills a room with water, causing a flood and that finishes off all the zombies in the area while getting Neon swept up in the water as well.

The players head back to the green room after they’ve taken care of the first wave. Ace is in the lead followed by Michinaga, Kanato, Keiwa and Morio with Neon in dead last.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 3 Recap

Ace swipes Michinaga’s Zombie Buckle, as per their bet. But he offers him his Water Buckle and says he might return Zombie if Michinaga can beat his score with it.

Morio asks Keiwa about being able to score so many points and Keiwa talks about focusing on getting people to safety. Morio likes his style.

Neon asks Girori if she can buy any lootboxes. But while players will earn Desire Money, they can only use it to buy outfits, not Buckles.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 3 Recap

Kanato scoffs at Neon’s “typical” rich girl behavior and asks why she’s even fighting. She says there are things money can’t buy, such as the desire she wrote down wishing to meet her prince on a white horse.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 3 Recap

Kanato thinks she’s crazy to risk her life for something like that. As he gets up and leaves, Keiwa asks why they can’t all just get along.

Outside, Kanato asks Michinaga why he hates Ace so much. Michinaga just says all Kamen Rider are his enemies. Kanato doesn’t push further, but proposes they work together. He offers to lend Michinaga his Magnum Buckle.

Back inside, Ace asks Neon if she’s really just playing for love. She answers that it’s a secret.

Keiwa talks about Neon’s rich family being very strict. With his sister being a huge fan, he’s heard all about Neon not even being allowed to date. He encourages Neon to just keep at it and her dreams can come true. Neon suddenly turns serious and asks if Keiwa really believes that.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 3 Recap

Ace says that’s why they put their lives on the line, to create their ideal world.

Girori gets a call and informs the players that the second wave of zombies is arriving. The players head out.

Neon is taken aback when Kanato suddenly wants to help her. He apologizes for being rude to her earlier and says that he is actually a fan. He offers to protect her and help her score some points.

Michinaga notices Ace just standing around, unhenshined, and gets in his face. He tells Ace to stop acting like a star and curses his fancy world.

Ace says he won, so he can do what he wants to the world. He henshins using the Zombie Buckle.

Meanwhile, Neon is shocked when Kanato shoots her in the back. It is announced that players are not allowed to attack another player and thus Kanato will be deducted points. But Kanato is intent on throwing Neon to the zombies so she can get bit.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 3 Recap

Ace arrives and slices through the zombies in the room. Kanato shoots at Ace, but Ace is able to counter his attacks and eventually forces Kanato to dehenshin.

Michinaga is surprised Ace would risk losing points over this. But Ace says he won’t be penalized because Kanato has been bitten by a zombie. He figured it out when the zombies attacked Neon, but not Kanato since he was one of them. Ace says Kanato wanted to take Neon down with him.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 3 Recap

Kanato curses life as being so unfair. He remembers how his life changed in an instant when he was hit by a car on his way home, ending his basketball career. While everyone around him was happy without a care in the world, his own world was crashing down. He is intent on bringing everyone else down with him. The desire he wrote down was for a world without humans.

Neon arrives and says Kanato could’ve wished for a world where he could do what he loves. Kanato screams that he does not care anymore. Keiwa tells him not to think that way. They’re all playing in the DGP so they can make a better world. But Ace says that’s not the case. Anyone can desire whatever world they want.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 3 Recap

Ace mentions how it took a bloody war to unite Japan. And in this DGP, only the winner can decide on what justice looks like for them.

Tsumuri walks up and announces the second wave is over.

The players head back to the green room to rest up. But Neon collapses and they discover that she has indeed been bit as well. Kanato says she deserves it.

Neon wonders if she will die here, but Ace says the game isn’t over yet.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 3 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Well, I wasn’t wowed or anything. But it was an okay episode. Just continuing to lay out all the pieces. We mostly got some character insights, though I was expecting a little bit more.

Just little teases from Keiwa, Michinaga, Morio and even Ace. But Neon and Kanato definitely took the spotlight this week.

First up, Neon’s desire seems shallow since they play it off like her merely wanting to find a man. But if we take it more seriously (like they hint at a little later), it seems like she just wants someone to maybe help take her way from the apparent prison she lives in at home? I dunno. Lol. Her story is definitely one that will play out over a longer period of time.

With Kanato, his story is obviously a bit heavier. It is sadly not uncommon for someone to feel like they just want to give up on life after suffering a tragedy. And him losing his ability to live out his dream will certainly have a profound effect on him. His grim desire is unfortunately understandable. And it will definitely be an interesting story to tell. Though I don’t know for how long since if we were to assume, he’s probably the next to be “eliminated.”

I’ve watched enough Amazing Race Australia to know that when an episode suddenly gives us more insight into a contestant than usual, they’re about to go bye-bye. Lol

But we’ll see. Kanato’s story is the most striking example of what kind of power the “Deza Shin” truly holds. And that the DGP isn’t necessarily all about positive, happy thoughts of a “better” world. Very interesting.

So, overall, a solid episode. Nothing too exciting. But a good episode to continue the world building and such.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 3 – Chance Encounter II: Zombie Hunting

  1. Michinaga, the one who considers the Riders to be enemies, is a Rider himself.

    Huh, a straw nihilist appears within the first three episodes instead of being final boss material. That’s got to be a record.

    The ramifications to the world whenever there is a winner are quite unsettling.

    1. I am looking forward to seeing several different worlds pop up during the season. So maybe a few different tournaments/winners and then see what kind of worlds get formed. Which could certainly play into the endgame, whatever that may be.

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