Recap: Kamen Rider Revice – Dear Gaga, Page 2

Kamen Rider Revice Original Spin-Off Drama – Dear Gaga, Page 2
Kamen Rider Revice Dear Gaga Recap

Hiromi rushes his mother to the local health center. The doctor realizes that his mother had never told him. But she has a brain tumor and does not have much longer to live. Only a few months at most.

The doctor had suggested she stay at the hospital. But they respected Mama Kadota’s wish to rest at home.

Hiromi brings his mother home after she is discharged from the hospital and he cooks her a delicious feast. He explains that he took some culinary classes during his breaks from Fenix. Since he had to cook for himself anyway, he might as well make good food.

Kamen Rider Revice Dear Gaga Recap

Mama Kadota gives the food a taste and says it is delicious. The mother and son enjoy the meal.

That night, Hiromi wakes up from a dream of a memory from his childhood. He gets up and has a drink of some local sake alongside Commander Wakabayashi who joins him.

Kamen Rider Revice Dear Gaga Recap

Wakabayashi asks how long Hiromi will put up this façade and Hiromi says he would just like to stay with his mother. Wakabayashi understands Hiromi wanting to fulfill his final duties as a son.

Next day, Hiromi massages his mother’s legs. But he sees the mysterious boy from the other night peeking through the window. He excuses himself and follows the boy to find that he is being bullied.

Hiromi flashes back to a memory of when he was bullied as a child. He approaches them and the bullies run away.

Kamen Rider Revice Dear Gaga Recap

Back home, Mama Kadota welcomes Ikki and Daiji in, apologizing for Hiromi having stepped out for a bit. The brothers and Vice realize Mama Kadota is not feeling well and they decide they will come back another time.

Hiromi talks to the little boy, Yuki, and asks if he stole strawberries because the bullies made him. Yuki apologizes. Hiromi asks if Yuki wants to become stronger and asks what he thinks he needs to do to make that happen.

Kamen Rider Revice Dear Gaga Recap

Hiromi says there is no such thing as a “strong” person. Everyone is equally weak, even himself. But he was able to become a hero. Hiromi demonstrates his henshin for Yuki and invites him to try.

Ikki, Daiji and Vice watch the touching moment. Daiji says they don’t need to talk to Hiromi today and is sure that they will meet him again very soon. They return to Tokyo.

Kamen Rider Revice Dear Gaga Recap

Over the next few months, Hiromi does what he can to help care for his mother while also enjoying every second they have together. Whether it is enjoying fruits or playing games, Hiromi and Mama Kadota cherish these moments.

Hiromi takes his mother to the park by the river. It turns out Papa Kadota had died here trying to save someone who fell in the river during a storm.

Mama Kadota tells Hiromi that his father must be so happy to see them visit here. Hiromi takes the opportunity to say he now understands how his father felt on that day. He believes he would also jump into the water to save someone from drowning. Hiromi has always been proud of how Papa Kadota sacrificed his life to save someone else.

Kamen Rider Revice Dear Gaga Recap

Mama Kadota says Hiromi saved her too. She thanks him and explains how he had been of great comfort to her when Papa Kadota died. Hiromi had promised to put his life on the line to take care and protect her. And this gave her hope and the will to live.

Hiromi is surprised when Mama Kadota admits that she knew he was just faking his amnesia. She asks if he is sure that he won’t return to Fenix. Hiromi says he knows he’ll have friends waiting for him back in Tokyo.

Kamen Rider Revice Dear Gaga Recap

Mama Kadota says Hiromi does not need to worry about her and that he should accompany his friends in protecting the world which is his job, after all.

Kamen Rider Revice Dear Gaga Recap

Hiromi says right now, he is protecting the world. No matter where he is or if it seems insignificant, he will be fighting in his own way. Mama Kadota says Hiromi really is a strong boy now. He thanks her.

After a bit of time, Mama Kadota passes and Hiromi is going through her belongings. He finds a Fenix uniform in drawer a letter from his mother.

Kamen Rider Revice Dear Gaga Recap

To Hiromi,
I’m sorry for keeping my illness a secret from you. I didn’t want to worry you, since you had the responsibility to protect the world at Fenix on your shoulders. Though I suppose I didn’t need to worry about that in the end.
The happiest thing in my life was to see you being born and growing up to be kind, reliable, and strong, just as your father was. A lot of things might get hard or tough for you, but I know that you’ll be able to overcome them all. Because to me, you’re the greatest hero there ever was.
I’ll always watch over you, no matter where you may be. I’m sure your father is doing the same. Thank you for bringing me so much joy.
Stay safe, and continue your work as the upbeat hero.
Love, Gaga

Hiromi is overcome with emotion as he reads his mother’s letter.

Kamen Rider Revice Dear Gaga Recap

Later, he puts on his Fenix uniform. He says goodbye to his mother and sets off back to Tokyo.

Kamen Rider Revice Dear Gaga Recap

As he walks the country roads, he passes by Yuki’s house. Yuki runs over to him and Hiromi sees his nose and cheek are bleeding. Hiromi smiles and gives Yuki a fist bump. Yuki smiles back as Hiromi pats his head before continuing on his journey back.

Kamen Rider Revice Dear Gaga Recap

Episode Thoughts

Just wonderful. Yes, I am crying! MaGMCMs all throughout.

These 30 minutes of Dear Gaga had pretty much everything that’s been missing from the main series in its last two-thirds: character-driven story, engaging intersection of family and responsibility and most importantly, it had a lot of heart and sincerity.

Imagine a Revice that had half of the level of heart and sincerity that has been present in Dear Gaga and Kamen Rider Vail. Easily would have made this season top-tier. It is still baffling to think about what went wrong.

But this post isn’t about ranting about the season. We’ll save that for after the finale of course!

This post is all about heaping praise on a beautifully written, performed and produced little miniseres/spin-off/Blu-ray extra.

The story definitely deserved much more time. Dear Gaga should’ve been a longer, full-length film. Or, even better, integrated into the main series and then tied in with the Igarashi Family’s story.

Dear Gaga very much continued Hiromi’s story from the main series. We learn so much of where he comes from. We see that his catchphrase is more than just random line for them to plug into a Driver toy. His sense of justice and selflessness isn’t some overzealous kind of thing that can easily spiral out of control like a certain middle child we all know. But it was very much Hiromi’s life philosophy and a sincere feeling stemming from how he grew up and how he was raised by two wonderful, loving parents.

That example is what helps him to understand it isn’t about trying to become the strongest per se. But being able to take your weakness and overcome it, using that as your strength to move forward.

How Dear Gaga delivered a better depiction of overcoming “inner demons” than the main series and in just 30 minutes… again, it’s quite a baffling mystery.

The Ikki, Daiji and Vice cameos really did nothing to further the actual plot of Dear Gaga. But it would’ve been great if these visits helped knock some sense in them about how to move forward in their battles. Unfortunately, it did not as we have seen these last couple of months.

But Dear Gaga really was an emotionally impactful story. Junya Komatsu was simply excellent in this. And his wonderful chemistry with Rumi Sakakibara as Mama Kadota really help to elevate an already strong story on its own.

As regretful as it makes me about the main series, I am just so thankful that Dear Gaga exists. A meaningful, emotional and wonderful viewing experience.

And that ending theme by Junya Komatsu:

I’m crying all over again.

English translation of Gaga’s letter to Hiromi courtesy of GeoSubs

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  1. Honestly, I don’t think there are any relations of Hiromi turning apathetic to him acting again? He already took care of his mother when he’s in apathetic state, and he’d simply turning back by watching other kid being bullied?

    That middle child doesn’t symbolize selflessness though. Just having a good intention doesn’t mean selfless. Daiji’s (without Kagerou) very about “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Hiromi was reckless and impulsive before his return though, so it’s not like he’s completely free from spiraling out of control.

    1. Before he went home, Hiromi did not understand what being selfless and really, what his own catchphrase truly meant. But he would learn and understand the true and sincere meaning. Which is what is depicted in these two episodes.

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