Recap: Kamen Rider Genms – Smart Brain and the 1000% Crisis-

Kamen Rider Genms Smart Brain 1000% Crisis

Gai has upgraded his offices from the ruins of Daybreak to a fancy new office building in conjunction with launching the new Thouser-Intellion company. At the moment, he is trying to bring a President Humagear online. But Rin says there must be a problem with its learning. Gai asks her to pop in and take a look.

Inside the Humagear, Rin encounters Amagasaki Ren who asserts he is the romantic president of Genm. But Dan Kuroto appears to claim the position and sends Ren away. Rin says they have been expecting him. She leaves the Humagear and the President Key in Gai’s hand now shows Dan Kuroto’s name etched onto it.

Gai says this Humagear will now follow their orders. Kuroto’s physical appearance takes over the base Humagear body. Rin says they have brought him here because of his vast knowledge of computer viruses. But before Gai can explain further, Kuroto wants to make it clear his sole motivation is to revive Genm Corp and will not be listening to Gai at all.

Kuroto laughs and hops out of the office.

Kamen Rider Genms Smart Brain 1000% Crisis

Rin concludes their headhunting is a failure. But she suddenly is taken over by Ark who says it was not able to predict Kuroto’s moves. This intrigues it and says Kuroto has learned and surpassed all human malice in order to achieve his own ambitions.

Gai understands that to defeat something unpredictable, they must also use something unpredictable. Ark is surprised by Gai’s willingness to work together and adds that it merely wants to see if the world can surpass his calculations. Gai asserts that he will see Ark’s plan through, so long as it does not get in his way.

Kuroto feels good as he adjusts to his new Humagear body while walking through the park. But he gets a low battery warning and rushes to find a charging station. Unfortunately, he runs out of battery before he can. He pulls out framed photo of Papa Dan asking him for strength, but he falls to the ground and shuts down.

Kamen Rider Genms Smart Brain 1000% Crisis

Rin arrives and takes Kuroto to an EV charging station. Once he is fully juiced, Kuroto wakes up and Rin asks him to hear them out. She says Gai is interested in investing in Genm Corp.

Rin explains that a new threat called Zein has emerged on the internets. It is an AI that has learned of humanity’s benevolence. Gai arrives and adds that it has zero tolerance for malice. So Ark has predicted that Zein will decide the only way to eliminate malice is the extinction of humanity.

Kuroto brags that they are looking for his godlike talents. Rin says they just need Kamen Riders with the power of Ark in order to defeat Zein. Kuroto says he will agree to help as long as Gai can defeat him in a game.

Kamen Rider Genms Smart Brain 1000% Crisis

Gai understands what he means and tosses him his Driver and Gashat. Kuroto proposes, however, that if he wins, he will gain control of all of Gai’s assets which he will use to revive Genm. Gai agrees to the terms.

Kuroto henshins. Gai understands the danger of what he’s about to do. But as long as it results in securing humanity’s future, he accepts that this is just punishment for his creating Ark

Gai henshins to Thousand Ark and is confident that he can defeat Kuroto as he won’t be able to predict any of his moves. Indeed, Gai is able to smash Kuroto into the wall and force him to dehenshin.

Gai mocks Kuroto’s so-called “godlike” abilities. But Kuroto uses his Gashat to acquire data of Ark from Gai’s body and with it, creates the Genm Musou Gashat.

Kamen Rider Genms Smart Brain 1000% Crisis

Kuroto henshins to Genm Musou and completely ravages Gai. Gai does not give up and tries to deliver one last gasp attack. But Kuroto uses his father’s power to pause time and counter Gai’s attack. Gai explodes out of his henshin and Kuroto declares victory.

Kuroto reiterates that love is the only thing that can change one’s ending. But he is not interested in stopping Zein and instead wants to focus on his own continued evolution.

Kuroto heads to Thouser-Intellion HQ to enjoy his new properties. But watching him from a rooftop is a mysterious woman with a “Smart Brain” pin on her collar.

“Episode” Thoughts

The Saga of Dan Kuroto continues!. I finally got around to watching this special and it was fun. Very much in line with every post-Ex-Aid appearance of Mr. Wacko Kuroto. lol

I think pairing Gai and Kuroto has been pretty good. Their personalities both are similar and contrasting. Which is very odd, but again, matches with who they are as characters. Lol They just crazy!

They’re definitely teasing more to come with Kuroto in the future whenever Toei feels like it. Especially with this Zein threat that I’m sure Toei can whip out for any Ex-Aid, Zero-One or Movie Wars thing in the future. Actually, the idea of Zein being the opposite of Ark, but being just as threatening and ominous and evil could easily provide material for a miniseries or movie.

Overall, a fun 15 minute little extra.

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