Recap: Revice Legacy: Kamen Rider Vail – Episode 2

Revice Legacy Kamen Rider Vail Episode 2 Recap

In the present day, Mama Igarashi finds Papa Igarashi asleep in the living room. She remembers there was a time when she thought she would never be able to see him sleeping so peacefully like this.

Mama Igarashi continues her trip down memory lane.

Revice Legacy Kamen Rider Vail Episode 2 Recap

Yukimi is shocked to see that Junpei is actually a human and decides to help him out from under the rubble. She uses a steel rod as a lever to move the heavy blocks off of Junpei and he is able to wiggle out.

Junpei is surprised that she is not afraid of him, but she says how could she be when he had saved all those people. Seeing that he is badly injured, Yukimi takes him home to treat him.

The Noah officer reports back to Dr. Karizaki that they have lost Subject 071. Agariyama orders them to find the subject immediately as it would be huge trouble if word of his existence were ever to be made public.

Revice Legacy Kamen Rider Vail Episode 2 Recap

At Happy Spa, Yukimi finds her first aid kit and is about to treat Junpei’s wounds, but is surprised when they quickly heal on their own. Junpei refuses any of her help, but Yukimi tells him to take a hot bath as he’s kinda smelly and looks like he hasn’t gotten a good bit of rest for a while.

Yukimi says all humans spring back to life after a nice hot bath.

Junpei softens his attitude and goes in for a warm soak.

Revice Legacy Kamen Rider Vail Episode 2 Recap

Later, Yukimi serves Junpei a homecooked meal of curry. It’s a bit spicy, but he shyly acknowledges it is still delicious. Yukimi asks if she can eat with him since she hasn’t eaten with another person in a long time.

Yukimi explains that her parents died in an accident a while ago and she has been on her own since then. She tells him her name, but Junpei does not remember his, nor anything else for that matter. Yukimi asks if she can call him Genta.

Junpei asks why “Genta,” but she says it’s a secret.

Revice Legacy Kamen Rider Vail Episode 2 Recap

Over at Noah, Agariyama goes over how Vistamps are able to awaken various bio-organisms within the human body. But the Gifu Stamp manifests the demons inside and allows them to weaponize those people. The ultimate culmination of using Vistamps and demons is the Vail Driver.

Dr. Karizaki says a lot of young people have been sacrificed in order to manifest incomplete demons. Agariyama says he should be thankful that Test Subject 071 was successful as it was able to cover up Karizaki’s failures. And in turn, Noah was able to successfully make a deal with the devil.

Nonetheless, Dr. Karizaki does not believe the death of all those failed experiments is justified.

The Noah captain comes in to report that they’ve found Subject 071 and that he’s made contact with a civilian. Agariyama orders them to immediately take both into custody.

Revice Legacy Kamen Rider Vail Episode 2 Recap

Yukimi takes Genta out to shop for fresh clothes. He asks why she insists on helping him and she says she’s just a busybody, perhaps the #1 busybody in the world. This makes Genta let out a small laugh and Yukimi happily points it out.

Just then, the Noah captain appears with a couple of his men to take Genta and Junpei into custody by tasering them both despite Genta doing his best to try and fight them off with his bare hands.

The Noah forces chain Genta back in his cell and Agariyama slaps his face twice, telling him this is his home. Once the others leave, Vail points out that Genta seems to have taken a liking to Yukimi. Genta tells him to shut up.

Yukimi wakes up in the next-door cell.

Mama Igarashi remembers it was at that moment that she vowed to protect Genta. She believed this was her fate.

Revice Legacy Kamen Rider Vail Episode 2 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Why only ten minutes?!?!?! This was wonderful! And definitely deserved more. After a few underwhelming weeks of the main series, this Vail miniseries has been a welcome side trip. And it’s such a simple story, yet so effective.

It’s a very familiar and quite a typical story about two people falling in love while fighting against their oppressors. But thanks to the strong foundation that the season has built over 20+ episodes (and unfortunately not tapped into these last few weeks), seeing how the Igarashi story begins by way of Yukimi and Junpei/Genta has been exciting and emotionally engaging.

We actually care about Yukimi and Genta. And it’s only been basically a total of 30 minutes so far of their story. But being able to see how they first meet and all the struggle and pain they had to endure really adds a lot of the main series itself. It definitely puts a lot more meaning to their family’s fight against the powers that try to exploit them and use them.

And it should add another dimension to what the siblings are fighting for. If only they actually knew what happened to their parents in the past. As far as we know, they don’t know anything. And judging from the last few weeks, they could care less. They’ve gone about their business as if the life-shattering revelations of Episode 25 never happened. They barely care where their father is, for goodness sakes.

I don’t want to see them moping around for weeks on end of course. But that actually reminds me of what I had hoped to see last year on Saber. That is, seeing a somber, shocked Kento take the shocking things he learned while presumed dead and turn it into a fire that would drive him (and I hoped, everyone else) toward an epic battle against evil. Sadly, that did not happen and the potential was wasted.

I think having the heavy burden of their parents having been tortured and abused like that by these evil, selfish shadowy figures would really give Ikki, Daiji and Sakura more of a reason to fight and have more of a sense of urgency. We’re in the 30s now, after all. There’s still five months left of show, but those five months go by quickly. Especially when you have exciting story to tell.

At the moment, I’m feeling a bit pessimistic after having had such high expectations. But these two Vail minisodes so far have reminded me what I loved about Revice. Taking the focus and foundation of the Igarashi Family and using that emotional connection to support the explosive action. Character-driven action and adventure. It’s a good combi. I just don’t know why Revice seems to have leaned away from it.

Anyway, the fun moment this episode was Mama Igarashi, then-Yukimi, admitting how she was the world’s biggest busybody. We can see where Ikki gets that side of himself from. And again, what a wonderful detail and story to tell in-series, if that were the case.

Anyway, so short, yet so good. The ending theme is beautiful and all. But here’s hoping the other three episodes are a bit longer than just 10 minutes.

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  1. They should switch this Vail miniseries with the actual show. Put the regular episodes on TTFC and make this Vail miniseries the main series lol

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