Recap: Kamen Rider Revice: The Mystery, Episode 4

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 4 Recap

George has figured out the master plan is to extract Orphnoch DNA. The Orphnoch were fought by Kamen Rider Faiz and are one of the many ways for humanity to evolve through raising the dead. George sees a similarity to the Barid Rex Vistamp he created in that Ueshima’s system draws from monsters instead of bio-organisms for power. And to complete the ten needed to do so, only Orphnoch DNA is missing.

George is not sure who else but him could’ve been able to create a system like this. But anyway, once it is completed, a dangerous chimera monster will be born from it.

Just then, Oren calls Ryu with some big news.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 4 Recap

Back at the pension, Ikki knocks on Suzu’s door to tell her that Kamiya-san has been taken into custody. He asks if she’s okay. But she admits that her fiancé was killed by a monster and she will never see him again. She apologizes for mourning her fiancé like this, but she wanted Ikki to hear her plea. She begs Ikki to protect everyone as a Kamen Rider and defeat the Orphnoch.

Ikki tells her to trust in him being the #1 busybody in Japan.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 4 Recap

Gen-san is interrogating Kamiya-san whose real name is actually Kaido Naoya. Kaido denies that he is the murderer and that Kamiya is just his stage name. Gen-san fills Ikki in on Kaido being a monster called an Orphnoch.

Kaido admits that he hates humans, but would never go so far as to murder. Ikki believes he’s telling the truth. Gen-san reminds him that Kaido is an Orphnoch, but Ikki says being a monster doesn’t automatically make him guilty.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 4 Recap

Kaido says Ikki is a nice guy. But nice guys tend to listen to their heart more than their head. And that leads to them getting fooled in the end. Samejima has had it with all this talk and decides he will kill Kaido himself. Ikki and Gen-san hold him back. And just then George and Ryu arrive.

Vice explains that while Ikki was being all cutesy with Suzu earlier, he was actually in contact with Kari-chan and filled him in on everything that’s happened.

George calls Hiromi to let him listen in to what’s about to happen.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 4 Recap

Ryu explains what they’ve learned. The Orphnoch is not the killer. Instead, the real culprit merely wanted to frame the Orphnoch in order to have them killed. George adds that the real killer merely wants to obtain Orphnoch DNA in order to complete the Stamp.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 4 Recap

Ikki steps forward, having also figured things out. The mastermind behind all of this is… Saionji Suzu.

Hiromi refuses to believe it. Ikki explains that he saw sand by Hiromi’s bed when Suzu was next to him. And earlier when she begged him to protect everyone, she mentioned “Orphnoch” which he had never heard before until Gen-san mentioned it later.

Ikki reasons that since Hiromi had the Stamp from Hanawa, Suzu had gone to watch over him in order to retrieve it. Suzu used sand to try and frame Kaido in order to have Ikki kill the Orphnoch.

Suzu and Hanawa had planned Gondawara’s death in advance to allow them to be in the room during interrogation, thus giving them an alibi.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 4 Recap

Ryu and George add that Gondawara and Suzu had a prior relationship with him selling her the other kaijin Stamps. They were able to confirm this through Oren and Jonouchi’s own tickling investigative work.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 4 Recap

And the proof of that connection, George and Ryu found at Ueshima Laboratory. Ryu tells Suzu to come clean. Hanawa suddenly stumbles in to say that the jig is up for them.

Suzu maniacally laughs and whips her Stamp out. First, she killed Gondawara because he disrespected her research to make money. That’s why she had him pretend to be a Deadman to lure Kamen Rider Revice here. When she had no use for him, she killed him.

Suzu can’t believe the one loose end she took care of would end up being her downfall.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 4 Recap

As for Hiromi, she only needed Revice for her plan. So she took care of the annoying pest Hiromi so he wouldn’t get in her way.

Ryu and Gen-san tell Suzu to cooperate. But instead, Suzu stamps Hanawa who begins to rampage. Hanawa grabs Suzu and Kaido and jumps out the window. Ikki and Ryu chase after them.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 4 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Okay, first off, I screamed when Vice popped up dressed as Tassel. Like NO! Do not bring anything of Saber into my Revice!

But anyway, lol, the most exciting part of any whodunit mystery is always the big reveal of the culprit, finger pointing and all. And I think they did a great job to build up to it here. Though it felt a bit predictable, especially at the start of this episode, that Suzu was the real culprit, I think the backstory behind her reasoning is good.

It would appear that she wanted to bring her husband, Ueshima, back to life. And her despair led her to monstrous behavior. That’s very much a familiar set-up for many a Rider story. But the way they were able to fold that into a whodunit murder mystery story was creative and fun.

The explanation and exposition is also something very common in these types of stories. But I think they handled that well here too. I think the web series format kind of hindered and held back some parts of the story. But overall, the road to the big revelation was pretty good.

But wait a minute, we still have one more episode left. And it looks to be the decisive battle with maybe one of those last-minute moments of regret for our main villain. Even now though, I can safely say this was a fun, enjoyable miniseries.

And talk about buddy cop comedies, can we have a miniseries of Oren and Jonouchi doing investigative work with them interrogating people with tickle torture? That would be crazy fun lol

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  1. There’s a lot of hot guys on this show, but George Karizaki is so fine. lol sorry. But I just had to say it.

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