Recap: Kamen Rider Revice: The Mystery – Episode 3

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 3 Recap

As Ikki cries over an unconscious Hiromi, Gen-san approaches the man separated from the Roidmude to reveal it is Hanawa. Suzu is shocked.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 3 Recap

Ikki and Gen-san interrogate Hanawa back at the pension with Ikki asking if the Stamp that popped out is his. Hiromi, meanwhile, is being looked after by Suzu.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 3 Recap

Daiji calls George to tell him that he and Sakura have also found strange Vistamps. Sakura, however, demands George tell them where Ikki is as he has not yet returned home since pursuing a Deadman. George tells her to calm down and for them to focus on taking care of Deadmans instead.

George hangs up when he and Ryu arrive at the lab of the scientist Ueshima. They walk in and George finds Stamp blueprints for Inves, Dopants, Fangires, Orphnochs and other legendary Kamen Rider villains. The Stamps are able to create replicas of them.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 3 Recap

Ryu is taken aback when George says Ueshima Shogo no longer uses this lab because he’s dead. Ryu asks why George didn’t say that sooner, but George replies that he tends to leave out important details. Anyway, Ryu says they must find out Ueshima’s goal in creating this monster-infused Stamps.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 3 Recap

Ikki and Gen-san go to Hiromi’s room and update Suzu on the strange Vistamp that turns people into Roidmudes. Vice wants to buy one soon. Misa says she saw a Stamp like that in Mr. Kamiya’s room.

Gen-san wonders if Kamiya and Hanawa were in cahoots. He wants to interrogate Kamiya, but is worried he might run if they approach him too aggressively. Vice tells Ikki that he has an idea.

Ikki stamps the wall outlet and Vice zooms through to Kamiya’s room where he appears to him via the TV. Vice scares Kamiya into his true form and tells Ikki and Gen-san that Kamiya did not use a Stamp.

Kamiya jumps out the window when Suzu sees him. Gen-san chases after him and catches him in the forest. Kamiya denies killing Gondawara. Gen-san picks up the sand that comes out of Kamiya, but Kamiya says it’s ashes.

Kamiya runs off as Hiromi arrives. He henshins and vows to protect Suzu.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 3 Recap

Hiromi and Gen-san are able to grab hold of Kamiya who reverts to his human form and tells them he will cooperate. Kamiya says he is an Orphnoch.

Back at the pension, Ikki comforts Suzu who notices a Stamp on the shelf.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 3 Recap

At the lab, George explains that Ueshima was a brilliant scientist. While George researched using Vistamps to release dormant demons within people, Ueshima instead focused on the DNA of monsters. And together, their research attracted the attention of Fenix. But the research ended when Ueshima died.

Ryu wonders who could have continued the research then and what their goal is. But George merely cares about the research and its findings. Ryu is annoyed by George not treating this as a grave situation when the public is in danger. George tells him not to worry, saying that Ryu reminds him of a certain someone. Anyway, digging through the research could help with their Stamp problem.

Ryu gets a call from the Chief and says he’ll be back soon. But as he takes the call, he uncovers a strange collection of pickled monster body parts.

George finally realizes that the master plan is all about extracting Orphnoch DNA.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 3 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Too much of dyingHiromi these last couple of weeks of Revice! lol

Anyway, I liked this episode more than episode two. It had that mystery thriller aura that the first episode had. And that is much more interesting and refreshing. The fuzzy, atmospheric visuals definitely added a lot to that ominous, mysterious vibe. So it was great to see our favorite characters in such an atmosphere.

It’s interesting to see them dropping some of George’s backstory in this miniseries instead of the main series. He and Ueshima were researching on their own before Fenix scooped them (or George) up? Hmm…

Otherwise, nothing else to say, really. It’s just a fun side story. And again, I enjoyed this episode more than episode two.

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