Recap: Kamen Rider Revice: The Mystery, Episode 1

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 1 Recap

Hiromi has just defeated a Deadman in the forest and is forced to dehenshin. He collapses in Ikki’s arms and says this is the end for him.

“It’s all up to you now,” Ikki says as he appears to take his last breath. Ikki cries in agony.

Vice also cries, but decides to rewind the clock to explain how we got here.

Ikki and Vice are chasing after Orangutan Deadman through the forest. The Deadman throws sand at Ikki and Vice. But Hiromi arrives to help them and queues up the Deadman for Ikki and Vice to deliver a finisher. But a mysterious person picks up the Stamp and runs off.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 1 Recap

They chase after the person and are led to a strange pension in the woods. Ikki walks in and is shocked by a man holding a pair of garden shears in front of his face.

The owner of the pension, Saionji Suzu, welcomes him in. Housekeeper Himuro Misa introduces herself while Suzu introduces groundskeeper Hanawa Shinzou who leaves to get some work done.

Vice notices Ikki seems a bit taken by Suzu. When Hiromi comes storming in, he too is charmed by the pension owner. They sit and explain the situation, saying they believe the person who is misusing Vistamps is hiding here at the pension.

Suzu is amazed that Ikki is a Kamen Rider as she has heard many great stories about them. Shinzou comes in to report that it has started raining. Suzu says that the weather gets quite turbulent in this area.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 1 Recap

Ikki asks for her cooperation. If anything, so as to prove everyone’s innocence. Suzu gathers all guests and workers of the pension to the living room. Hiromi asks the guests to state their name and occupation.

There’s Samejima Yasuo who works at a restaurant, freelance writer Gondawara Taro and guitar instructor Kamiya Naoto. None of them seem to know anything about suspicious-looking people in the pension.

Later, Ikki wonders if none of the people here is the culprit. Vice doesn’t agree and points to the strange man behind Ikki as another possible suspect.

This strange man is actually 1st Division Captain of the Metro police department, Otta Genpachiro, who thought Ikki looked suspicious as well as he looked like he was talking to himself. Anyway, Genpachi-san apologizes for not knowing they are from Fenix. He is here on an undercover investigation.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 1 Recap

Gen-san explains that he used to work with Kamen Rider Drive and his friends who were able to destroy the Roidmudes. But one was sighted in this area, so he came to look into it.

Suzu can’t believe a Roidmude and a Deadman could be lurking about in this area and is afraid. Hiromi tries to comfort her. He takes her hand and says he will protect her. She takes his hand in gratitude and he puts his other hand over hers. The housekeeper breaks them apart.

Gen-san shows Ikki what he’s found so far. Turns out Samejima was arrested for assault, Gondawara is a scammer. Both have criminal records.

Just then, Shinzou alerts Suzu to the rain having just caused a landslide that has destroyed the bridge leading to the pension. That means everyone is now stranded here.

Hiromi calls Fenix for backup while Ikki calls George. But George says he’s busy as they lose connection. All communication lines are down.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 1 Recap

Suddenly, a crash upstairs. They all hurry up into the room to find Gondawara is dead. Ikki notices some sand on the floor. Gen-san says this is now a murder case.

Vice is excited to investigate.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 1 Recap

Meanwhile over in Suto City, George walks into a restaurant where he meets Futo PD Special Crimes Unit Superintendent Terui Ryu aka Kamen Rider Accel. George asks for his autograph.

Episode Thoughts

What is there to say, really? It’s a fun little side adventure. The mystery novel/Whodunit? vibe is fun to watch, especially with Sherlock Vice Holmes on the case. Plus, very nice to see Genpachi as well as other familiar faces.

It’s definitely a different feel from the series. Obviously as they play up the mystery aura here. But it’s always great to have extra content from a season you actually enjoy watching. You know? 😉

Looks like it’ll be a fun, interesting miniseries.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Revice: The Mystery, Episode 1

  1. A decent start to 5-part miniseries side story.
    The mystery story aspect is really fitting for the overall atmosphere of the show.
    Vice looks good with detective outfit.
    Nice to see Gen-san from Kamen Rider Drive and Terui/Accel from Kamen Rider Double, which is pretty for anniversary series of Revice.

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