The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 21
Surprise! You thought it was dead huh? To be honest, 20 is a good round number to wrap-up things up with. But not so fast! The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition is back for its 21st season! Imagine that!

But how you may ask? We’re in a global pandemic. And not every Amazing Race franchise can film a bloated, misguided, excruciatingly long brand-new season like The Amazing Race Australia 5.

But actually, #TARPHDME21 was “filmed” in February 2020. It would safely complete “filming” just weeks before the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And this was because (like the two most recent seasons of Israel’s HaMerotz LaMillion) this season filmed back-to-back with #TARPHDME20 which Raced in January 2020.

It will be a long while before any Amazing Race will get back into production. (At least, a production that will yield a normal season. Not whatever TARAu5 was.) But fear not! The 21st season of The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition is here to fill your fresh TAR fix until 2022. Probably 2023.

Anyway! What makes #TARPHDME21 extra special is that yes, we have another casting gimmick! And unlike TARUS, it’s actually an interesting one!

This season’s tagline is…
“13 Returning Racers… 12 New Teammates!”

“What?!” you may be asking yourselves. Indeed! Thirteen returning Racers are back and this time they will be racing with brand new partners! They may or may not have been successful on their first Race(s), but they’re going to be giving it another go with a partner that will hopefully get them to the Finish Line first!

What’s the magic recipe for success on TAR? These 13 returning Racers will find out if that includes the right partner to get the job done!

So sit back, relax and enjoy this fresh, safely “filmed,” brand-new season of The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition. Season 21! Wowow! (Hard to believe it’s survived this long! lol)

Meet the TeamsLeg 1 – “Stop Knocking My Balls Off!”

Philippines → Taiwan

Leg 2 – “This is not worth me burning my face off.”
Taiwan → South Korea

Leg 3 – “I can’t save you if you fall through the ice.”
South Korea → Mongolia

Leg 4 – “Do it right, or you’ll insult them!”
Mongolia → Malaysia

Leg 5 – “You intentionally dropped your nuts on my face.”

Leg 6A – “I don’t want to fall down the side of the mountain and get stabbed.”
Malaysia → Oman

Leg 6B – “I might as well jump into the oven than sit out here in the sun.”

Leg 7 – “Is he going to throw me on the ground?!”
Oman → Italy

Leg 8 – “They don’t care if you think I’m fat.”
Italy → Rwanda

Leg 9 – “I’m pine working with fineapples.”
Rwanda → Portugal

Leg 10 – “Don’t let me fly to heaven like this!”
Portugal → Guatemala

Leg 11 – “I can’t deal with this sheep anymore!”
Guatemala → Argentina

Leg 12 – “Listen to me when I bang it!”
Argentina → Philippines

It’s back! You can now track the Racers and the Racecourse all in one place! The TARPHDME Race Tracker will feature the leaderboard each week, a simplified Route and tasks as well as the best “moments” from each Leg!

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