Good Ol’ Review: Chu Young Woo and Won Hyung Hoon Charm and Endear in Romantic “You Make Me Dance”

You Make Me Dance Korean Drama Review

No spoilers.

You Make Me Dance (유메이크미댄스) is a simple, familiar, but irresistibly sweet and endearing romantic drama. The eight-episode web series (though I suggest watching the movie compilation version) stars talented newcomers Chu Young Woo and Won Hyung Hoon as two lonely hearts who are able to find each other in a unique situation.

Shi On (Chu Young Woo), a university student majoring in contemporary dance, owes money to a lending firm and Hong Seok (Won Hyung Hoon) is tasked with collecting on the debt. Shi On is unable to pay at the moment, but assures Hong Seok that he’ll have the money once he passes the audition at the end of the month.

Drawn to Shi On beyond a debtor-creditor relationship, Hong Seok decides to help him prepare for the big audition. And in doing so, the two grow closer and form a bond that seemingly goes much deeper than either ever expected.

You Make Me Dance Korean Drama Review

You Make Me Dance is a familiar set-up, yet it is still very refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable. It’s hard not to immediately become invested in both our leading men and their stories. Even though, as is always the case in this format, we aren’t able to spend as much as time as we’d like to with these characters.

There is definitely enough material for a longer format here. You Make Me Dance features a solid antagonist in Shi On’s dance sunbae Jung Hoon (singer Lex of BIGFLO). But the series focuses solely on our two main characters. And that is perhaps its biggest strength. The series is all about their relationship and how their lives change because of it and vice versa. Inspiration and motivation is one theme of the series, especially when it comes to both characters trying to find their way after perhaps being somewhat lost in life until now.

The series is very much a romantic drama. And there is just the right amount of sweet romance to pair with legitimate character-driven story. There’s a nice warmth and sincerity that pairs well with the series’ cute, fluffier moments.

You Make Me Dance Korean Drama Review You Make Me Dance Korean Drama Review

Chu Young Woo and Won Hyung Hoon have an excellent chemistry. They deliver wonderfully endearing and charming performances. And they both exude leading man charisma when the story calls for it. They are a big part of why you are left wanting more even though the series does come to a satisfying conclusion.

As I mentioned earlier, I suggest watching the movie version of the series which essentially compiles the roughly 12-minute episodes together in a seamless way. It makes the entire experience much more enjoyable as you avoid the abrupt episode breaks. Having first watched the web series episodes and then the movie later on, I feel like it really does make a difference.

You Make Me Dance Korean Drama Review

Ultimately, the story is all about two lonely hearts who are able to find each other. And it is a satisfying journey. Talented and charming leads, a well-written and affecting story, great production. South Korea has made big strides in the last year featuring stories you might not normally see in Korean mainstream media. You Make Me Dance is a wonderful addition to the growing list of such productions. And definitely a series well worth your time.

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