Music Monday, May 31, 2021 (Part 1) – Chan, E’LAST U, Taeho feat. Choi Yegeun, Wonwoo x Mingyu feat. Lee Hi

Four great, diverse new tracks from Chan, E’LAST U, Taeho feat. Choi Yegeun, Wonwoo x Mingyu feat. Lee Hi.

“Weak” by Chan (찬현)

I was so happy to have discovered solo artist Chan (찬현) when he debuted earlier this year. “Anymore” and “Answer Me” have become two of my favorite tracks this year. So I was very excited to learn he was releasing his first full album.

The Reverse is a great, soulful album that definitely introduces you to Chan as an artist. Title track “Weak” is a bit of a more uptempo track compared to his first two releases. But it’s a perfect representation of the rest of the album. Chan’s silky vocals perfectly pair with the smooth melodies.

“The Beginning of Spring” by E’LAST U

E’LAST U is the rookie group’s first unit release. And their track “The Beginning of Spring” is a very interesting song. An intriguing mix of drama, a summery vibe and some familiar electronic-infused pop is definitely not what I expected. But perhaps that’s only because the dreamlike visuals of the music video gave off a much different vibe. Nonetheless, there’s something about the song that makes me really like it.

“GGOMA” by Taeho featuring Choi Yegeun

IMFACT member Taeho makes his solo debut with title track “Ggoma” featuring singer-songwriter Choi Yegeun. The swing-infused pop track features a cheerful and positive vibe. Taeho and Choi Yegeun’s vocals are flawless as they bring the funky song to life. A wonderfully bright solo debut for the talented vocalist.

“Bittersweet” by Wonwoo x Mingyu (featuring Lee Hi)

SEVENTEEN members Wonwoo and Mingyu team-up with Lee Hi for this soulful, melancholic track. The three vocals mesh perfectly while the cinematic music video enhances the story being told in the lyrics.

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