Recap: Kamen Rider Genms – The Presidents, Chapter 1

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

Gai has opened up his new company Thouser-Intellion and is setting up his office in a familiar abandoned building. He activates a secretary-type Humagear who asks for a name. He gives her the name “Rin” and she registers it in her system.

Rin greets Gai as the president, but he says it might be too early for that. He tells her about having been president of ZAIA Enterprise Japan before it was shut down. He hopes to establish Thouser-Intellion as a modern IT company.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

Gai begins coughing and says he hasn’t felt right since he started using this new-old Daybreak office. Rin suggests he see a doctor, but Gai says it is his duty as president to see the successful competion of this project even if it harms his health.

Suddenly, Gai collapses on the floor and out of him pops Dan Kuroto. Kuroto says he is a Bugster virus that has been traveling the internets before being awakened by Ark.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

Kuroto heads into what was once Ark’s fabrication room and collects a pair of familiar Drivers and a Gashat. He goes on to explain that having been infected by the Bugster virus, Gai will vanish from the world if he suffers unbearable stress. Gai defiantly says he never feels pressure or stress.

But Kuroto says being president and stress go hand in hand. He knows since he was also once a president who developed the most groundbreaking games that rivaled the work of a god.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

When Rin tries to stand up to Kuroto, he infects her and takes her as his own secretary. Kuroto gets on top of Gai and mocks him, saying he can just continue to fall deeper in stress and despair. It will only help Gai’s full rebirth.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

By the river, Rin fills Kuroto in on what happened during Zero-One and he is quite impressed that the world has finally caught up to his genius.

Gai struggles to get up off the floor. He vows to destroy Kuroto, but suddenly another man emerges from his body.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

Rin regains her consciousness and asks Kuroto to take her back to her president.

Kuroto says she should stay by his side and learn the ways of a god like him so she too can become a goddess.

Gai stumbles onto the scene and declares he will be taking back his secretary. Kuroto says that will never happen and instead Gai will suffer from losing her.

Gai henshins, but he is shocked when he’s black. Kuroto laughs that black is his iconic color and it is an effect of Game Disease. Kuroto slaps on his Driver and henshins as well.

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

They battle, but Gai is much too weak in his current condition to put up a good fight. Rin begs him to run for safety, but Gai refuses. Kuruto is able to force Gai to dehenshin.

Kuroto is about to deliver a finisher to kill Gai for good. But time suddenly freezes when…

Kamen Rider Genms The Presidents

Papa Dan appears.

Episode Thoughts

I am always happy for more Zero-One content. And one centered around Gai definitely has a lot of possibilities. But boy I never expected it to ever involved Mr. Dan Kuroto. Though considering how often we’ve checked in with him over the years, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. lol

Every time Kuroto has popped up since the end of Ex-Aid, he gets creepier and more depraved and just really more wacko since the last time we see him. lol It’s so strange, yet oddly interesting.

When you think about it, Gai and Kuroto do match up pretty well when it comes to crazy presidents. So it makes sense. lol

For what this is, it’s essentially an extra bit of fun. Total runtime won’t even reach 30 minutes. So these two minisodes will just be a quick little check-in. And again, I crave more Zero-One content. So I’ll take it.

Fun, funny and absolutely bonkers (mostly courtesy of Kuroto himself lol).

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